W/C 01/05/17

Wednesday 3rd

Today, i added in the random spawn function for the chest so it spawns a random object so it can be picked up by the player. For instance it can spawn a coin, cherry, watermelon, tainted fruit. I got some feedback from Jason telling me i need to look at contrast and he gave me a link to an article, by Gamasutra. It helped quite a lot, i have now placed a darker material over the trees and backgrounds to achieve a darker look. Angstadt, P. (2015). How to Reduce Visual Confusion in Your Game. Available: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/PeterAngstadt/20150312/238446/How_to_Reduce_Visual_Confusion_in_Your_Game.php. Last accessed 3rd May 2017.

(Left to Right) Before & After
(Left to Right) Before & After De-Saturated version, so show the contrast with the background and foreground

Thursday 4th

Today, after playing through my game, i noticed that my characters death animation was not playing sometimes when getting destroyed by the boss so, I went into the function 'take damage' and forced it to change to it after hitting 0 health. This appears to work so i think i have sorted this bug. Next i was messing around with the characters jump, and decided to make a pick-up what gives you a Jump Boost for a few seconds. Next i remembered that Jamie had asked me to do something similar but a speed boost, so i did that. I feel like today has went well but i feel i could have maybe done more but as I can feel the project coming to an slow end. I feel there wont be many more things to add into the game, most of the time now, will be fixing bugs and glitches and optimizing the game-play.

Friday 5th

Today, i realised that the game needs to be harder to play, so i decided to give the character an ammunition system, which records the number of bullets he has left, and wont let him fire if he has no bullets left. After doing this i realised if i am to do an ammo system, i need something to replenish ammo, so then i made a ammo pack blueprint, using the same system as a health pickup. I also done some more filling out of the levels by placing more chests and ammo packs. Today, i also received the new crouch and knock back sprites off Jamie, he is now still working on a sitting animation. I also found another bug today where the spears will trigger the endpoint, so the player will progress to the next level without getting to the end, i fixed this immediately, by changing the collision type of the 'endpoint'.

This is the ammo function, which works the same as the health function but limits the amount of bullets not health

I feel like i have done quite a lot today, and this week for the game. But i am still yet to complete the Melee and Ranged function of the game, which means that the game does still not feel complete. After i do this the game will only have to have bug fixes or just minor things what don't necessarily have to be in the game. When I did the melee, quite a while ago, i had tried so many times to do it myself but there were always problems, so i watched a tutorial on YouTube by MBC called 'Unreal 4 - Melee attack' and it was really helpful. My Melee works and so does my ranged. But they cant both be working at the same time, i have to disconnect either of them to place the other in. So i will watch the video a few more times to see what i could do to make it work, and if that doesn't work i will just ask Jason for help.

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