Metal to the Head By dean LAWRENCE

Once upon a time there was a little quiet town called memory lane . It was a very small town with only a few shops and stores. Memory lane wasn't always this isolated but I will get to that later. In the town of Memory lane there lives a man so scary when you see him on the street you should cross to the other side of the street.

Jackson the man was injured in a devastating equipment malfunction, that left him in a state with many odd habits. Before his accident, Jackson was always a hard worker with an upbeat attitude towards everyone. After the accident he was never the same he is always gloomy, sad and mopey like a rain cloud

One day a little boy was about to go to sleep when he decided that he needed some water. When he got to the kitchen he saw the door was open and blowing huge gust of wind in a 60 mph. After the boy shut it he went and got his water.

He was halfway up the stairs when something grabbed his leg the boy started screaming. By the time the parents got down there was no evidence of anything. The mom broke down crying. The dad called the police and screamed into the phone that his son was abducted.

About 12 years ago Jackson was working at a steel factory. One day on the job, one of the other workers forgot his hard helmet so Jackson gave him his. Jackson was cleaning under a 12 foot metal rod.

by that he kidnaped happened to be the man that forgot his helmet’s son, and he was looking for revenge.

Now in the present, the family got a letter saying that there son is going to feel the pain and suffering that Jackson feels every day. Suddenly the dad read the worst part of the letter, saying either you or your son has to feel my pain it read. After a few hours of thinking about his options he decided to sacrifice himself.

As the father walked up the steel factory steps he was prepared to give his life for his son. When he got to the factory he quickly found his son tied to a chair. All of his emotions rushed back into his head, he broke down and started to cry.

When the man pulled himself together he was greeted with a forceful swing of a metal rod to the front of his head. The boy was screaming for his dad but he just layed with a small pool of blood oozing from his broken skull.

The boy knew his father was dead. He was crying so hard he had trouble breathing.

“You are free to leave” Jackson said. “Thanks to your dad.”

The boy ran home crying.

And Jackson was never heard from again


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