Going Bovine Chapter 6 - 8

John, Tam, Anthony, and Harron 11-13-17 Hour: 1

What happens in chapter 6 - 8?

  • Chapter 6
  • Cameron mom tries to wake him up in time to mow the law. Cameron promised his dad that he will mow the lawn today before he goes to work at Buddha Burger.
  • Cameron ignore his mom request and sleeps in until he's late for his shift at work.
  • After waking up, Cameron sees the feather , there's no longer anything written on it.
  • Cameron arrived to his workplace seven minutes late, his excuse is that his mother vehicle keep breaking down on him. His boss and Lena are very mad and irradiated because he came late to work.
  • Staci and her friends order smoothies, Cameron took their order and made smoothies for them. Cameron is delivering the drinks across the counter, his arms start twitching and spasm out of control, throwing all the smoothies all over Staci.
  • After the incident Cameron boss came out, apologizing to the young lady and fired Cameron for not doing his job correctly.
  • Chapter 7
  • Cameron dad decided they should all have a family dinner together at Luigi's, but Jenna already has plans to go to the movies with Chet King and the gang. Dad forced everybody in the house to go to Luigi's even if they have plans that day.
  • Jenna starts talking about accompany Chet on his church skid trip and using her college saving but dad shut down that idea. Dad start talking about Cameron bad grades in school, and mom is trying to diffuse the situation.
  • After dinner at Luigi's, random homeless person wearing a tinfoil hat warns Cameron that the world is ending.
  • Chapter 8
  • Cameron does not feel good, pale, twitchy, and a bit dizzy in the head. Cameron hasn't been sleeping either blaming his hallucinations of flames on sleep deprivation.
  • While in Spanish class, Cameron ears are buzzing, his head aches, his body feels like it's on fire, and his are start spazzes out. Cameron can't control his arm for some reason, so Chet gets up to help escort Cameron from the classroom, and Cameron accidentally punches Chet King in the guts. Jenna is upset that Cameron punched her boyfriend (Chet King).
  • Cameron is suspended for 5 days for punching Chet in the gut and suspicion of drug use. Cameron is more worried about coming home. Cameron's mom is worried about Cameron taking harder drugs like pills or cocaine. Dad is concerned about colleges accepting his son.
  • Cameron doesn't know how to tell his parent taht something is really wrong with him, so Cameron stay quiet. Cameron punishment is having his room door taken off and force to go a drug counselor.


  • Bevy- A large group of people or things.
  • Adorned- Making more beautiful or attractive.
  • Sheen- A soft luster on a surface.
  • Threadbare- Becoming thin and tattered with age, and poor.
  • Posterity- All future generations of people.

Our opinion about Going Bovine

While my group is reading Going Bovine, we feel like this book is weird. what's weird about it, is that there is a 16 year old teenager diagnose with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome (Mad cow disease). My group and I assume Cameron the main character hates life and doesn't like being around with his family.

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