Jordan By: Sammy Almatarneh

Jordan gained its independence in 1946 and thereafter became The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The main language of Jordan is Arabic. English is understood by most people. The main Religion of Jordan is Islam, The second main religion is Christianity.

The holidays celebrated by my family are Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. There Islamic Holidays which is why they are celebrated by most Jordanian people. One of my first Jordanian ancestors to arrive to the U.S. was my grandfather after retiring from the Jordanian Military in 1997.

Jordan is mostly known for Petra which used to be a home to a tribe called "Al-Anbat" Thousands of years ago. Its known to be one of the most ancient places in the world.

Two of the most famous foods in Jordan are "Maqluba" which is a mix of Cauliflower, Rice, and chicken and the other is called "mansaf" which is a mix of rice, lamb, and cooked yogurt.


The culture of Jordan is based on Arabic and Islamic elements with significant Western influence. The Jordanian Kingdom had always been the intersection of the three continents of the ancient world and always seemed to have a form of diversity at any given point due to its location.

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Most people in Jordan have fun by going out with family and friends to resturants, malls, and parks. others depend on drug dealing or drug use.


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