Sanitation Tastes Better Andrew Mckinney/English 1030-69/Research proposal

Sanitation is an issue all around the food industry, however one place that this continues to hit home is in right in our own dining halls. While taking our research to the root of the problem, we discovered several problem areas that lead to sanitary conditions that are less than ideal.

Everyone that has had the pleasure of taking time out of their day to eat in our dining halls has used the drink machine. While to an outsider it may appear to meet all basic sanitation needs, the way ice is dumped into the top by hand is nothing less than barbaric. What does this come down to? Is is lack of training? It is lack of effort? To find out you must delve into the belly of the beast itself.

The real question is who the heck cares???
The Students Care! This is a problem that affects everyone in the Clemson University Community. Whether you are a student, teacher, administrator, or staff, the cleanliness and sanitation of the dining halls matters to everyone
Research is KEY. When diving into a problem like this there are several ways to go about gathering information to support what you believe to be happening. In this specific case, The interviewing of workers and administrators who work everyday in the dining halls would be a great place to start. However for a issue like this, it is important to get information from those affected. In this instance, this can come from gathering data via surveys and questionnaires.
As with all research that is worth doing you are going to run into challenges along the way. However Challenges force us to work even harder and dive even deeper into what we are trying to learn. When is comes to sanitation one issue we may encounter is getting those in charge to acknowledge it even after we have done our research. With this research we are essentially attempting to call out and or hold responsible those in charge for upholding the standards of cleanliness we were promises when we agreed to come to clemson
I'll CU in the dining Hall.


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