H.A.C.K. by Lisa Moore-Clifton


Mindset Profile

Batman and Wonder Woman are my new favorite superheroes!

There is a big discussion out there as to whether or not Batman and Wonder Woman are legitimate superheroes because they don't have superhuman powers without the aid of technology, but after reading these chapters I am definitely on the pro superheroes side! If you cannot be hurt by bullets it doesn't take a lot of guts to go put yourself between one and an innocent, but it takes a superhero growth mindset to do the same when u know that bullet can end your life just as easily as the one you are trying to save.

#veterans #superheromindset #ThankYouForYourService

I see myself in the development stage of my own Wonder Woman Mindset. As I take an honest look I can see how I do have deep rooted fixed mindset programming. I know the concept of growth mindset and I am working every day to identify when I am operating outside of that and working to rewrite it. And I KNOW that our brains are always rewiring themselves so I know that with dedicated effort the operating system can be changed. And I guess that within itself is a growth mindset attitude. I can see evidence of both in my life. In college I decided that I wanted to work on the fact that I am a horrible runner so, like any normal person, I joined the cross country team and I accomplish my goal of not placing last in a meet. (Second to last is still not last people!) And after I graduated I decided to run my first half marathon, just to prove it to myself. But on the flip side I see times when I operate from a very fear based fix mindset. I honestly think it is the root of my procrastination. (Yes this post is very late) I fear truly giving it my all, because then what if I still fail. There would be no one to blame but me and my fundamentally flawed self. Logically I know that is a false belief, but my operating system is still running that program at times. I included a little video of a piece of an interview with my daughter about growth mindset. (Sorry my phone ran out of memory and we didn't realize.) I can see the change in her and our level of communication since she learned the concept. I found it so interesting to learn that the IQ test was not intended to be used how the US ended up using it at all. It was supposed to be a tool to see the gaps, the deficiencies in the education system not to label the students’ deficiencies!

Learning about growth mindset was one of the missing puzzle pieces in my goal to be a teacher that creates the space that allows students to discover or deepen their unique genius. The education system does demand that a student prove themselves over and over again in order to be “accepted” into college in order to get a good job. What if along their educational path they realize that they are no different than Batman and that only they can put a cap on their potential, not their parents, or some teacher, or some test. I think I will be able to use some simple clues to identify the growth versus fixed mindsets in my classes and group people to allow students to start to see what growth mindset looks like. Innovative Instruction requires a growth mindset in several different dimensions. People have a very fixed idea about their ability to utilize technology so getting everyone on the same page will be tricky. I see one of the cool byproducts of this being the teacher student role reversal between child and parent with technology giving an opportunity to experience a shift to growth mindset. If a community could shift to a growth mindset, then zip code would have such a diminished effect.

These chapters got my mind seeking more so this book is now the latest edition to my audible library. I am very excited to continue rewriting my operating systems to my own Wonder Woman Mindset.

After reading the posts people wrote, I pulled what I saw as the main themes to put into rules, developed procedures, and an idea for how I would like to use to get these into the classroom.

The Rules:

Know your Source

Respect the Author

Own your Digital Footprint

Use proper nEtiuette

The following procedures are what I would like to create with my class each year. Start with why. What is Digital Citizenship and why should they care? Then have them look research info to support the classroom rules/expectations, deciding what those rules look like in the classroom. Then bring the groups together to learn about and decide on the procedures and ques. This creates ownership and greater accountability.

Procedures framework that will need to be covered:

Researcher will know the credibility of the sources, including author, biases, time period and applicability.

Learn how to properly cite a source not only at the end of a paper, but within as well.

Recognize that cyber bullying is just as damaging and may be more damaging than verbal or physical bullying, and it will hold the same consequences as any bullying, according to school policy. This includes on and off campus, email, social media, messages, calls, texts…

Report any bullying you experience directed at you or an other to a trusted teacher or faculty so that the damage can be stopped.

Write with skill and be polite when emailing or on social medial. Give clues to your emotion and tone.

Leave the device better than you found it and put it back where you found it.

Learn to recognize possible email threats and scams.

Innovative instruction 101 presentation

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"h." Highly Structured activities

"H" Template

"H" Lesson Plan

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"A" Template

"A" Lesson Plan

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"C" Lesson plan

"C" Artifact

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Password to the above padlet is "ChemWPP"

"K" Knowledge centered classroom

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"k" Lesson plan

"k" artifact

"c" and "k" Presentation

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