Watch These Kids Bloom International Pen Pal program

Watch These Kids Bloom Initiates An International Pen Pal Program

Today a United States based nonprofit, Watch These Kids Bloom, is connecting children across the globe through their newest Bloom Center in Kakinada, India with a good old pen pal system.

November 8, 2016 – Across the world, many countries are facing the same pressing issue: rapid population growth. India and its city of Kakinada are no stranger to this concept. India’s population is the second largest in the world and is growing by twenty percent every ten years.(1) Tragically this issue has led to its own stream of problems including a massive number of orphans in the country. In fact, India is home to an estimated thirty out of one hundred and fifty million orphans worldwide.(2) As a result of these disturbing, indicative numbers, a new charity named Watch These Kids Bloom launched in 2014, providing a safe haven and productive learning environment. Today that same charity is announcing its launch of a new initiative to help teach children at home and abroad through a pen pal program. The program has a broad spectrum of benefits including the development of both academic and social skills, enabling children to truly bloom.

The program itself connects children in the city of Kakinada, India to the charity’s home base in San Jose, California as well as other locations, facilitating a mixture of cultures. It is genuinely charming to see these diverse sets of children accept each other and feel a drive to learn more about one another. When a child excitedly announces “She likes animals just like me!” or “I want to be an astronaut too!”, it puts a smile on the faces of all observing. In this way discrimination is being fought as children develop relationships with other children, thinking of each other as equals.

Another key benefit of the program is its ability to teach children literacy skills in an engaging and self-motivated manner. Participants in pen pal programs like the one being hosted by Watch These Kids Bloom are excited to write back to their counterparts. This type of activity eliminates the animosity young children typically give towards the traditionally dry tasks of reading and writing. Additionally, children in the program are responsible for communicating clearly, encouraging the children to put their best foot forward and work on their own grammar and communication skills. For these reasons, Watch These Kids Bloom is excited to be connecting its foster children in India with United States participants, bettering everyone involved.

About Watch These Kids Bloom

Watch These Kids Bloom was founded in 2014 by Janet Green and Kurt Swart. The duo have long been helping people around the world out of their own pockets since 1987. This past year, the charity has been particularly excited to open its first Bloom Center to the children of Kakinada, India. Watch These Kids Bloom truly believes that no child should be uncared for and has set out to love the children others have left behind.

To learn more about the Pen Pal program contact Betty Jean Johnsen at

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