The 1960 sit-ins The problems of this time..

The problems within these times can show how bad segregation was, and how strong willed certain people were willing to be during this time.

What led to these events to happen?

This was originally caused by African Americans shooting an attempt at trying to bring down laws of segregation, from this, The African Americans proceeding with the civil rights movement fought a 14 year war against the government to gain civil rights.

Buses and diners were heavily segregated in the Southern American region. In said buses and diners, there were sections for colored people and white people; this did not sit well with a lot of African Americans during this time.
But what were these sit-ins that were sparking around the nation about? What were their motives for the bigger picture?

Initially, the event was unintentional. Four students had bought a couple of items from the store they were at, in Greensboro, North Carolina. They had sat in seats reserved for white only customers, and sat there until they were served. When a waitress asked them to leave, they politely refused; to their surprise, they were not arrested. The four students remained seated for almost an hour until the store closed.

Who were mainly involved in these incidents?

Students, and civilians participated around the nation were the main fighting force behind the sit-ins. These students and civilians faced the most oppression, thus, they felt as if they needed to retaliate back.

What kind of obstacles were these groups facing?

These protest groups were facing a great deal of pro-segregation police, and white folks. Along with KKK members, and the white majority.

These protesters stood strong by staying true to their beliefs, fighting with silent peace, and relying on King’s, and X’s, powerful words to empower them.

How did this event impact today / What are the lasting effects? AND What modern day inequality or event can you connect your Civil Rights Event to?

These sit in events eventually led to the civil rights being given to African Americans who fought so hard for civil rights.

The Black Lives Movement, and the Standing rock defense are events I can relate the civil rights to. The Black Lives Matter and Standing rock defense are events where they are fighting for rights of ownership. Of land, of their people, nevertheless, they can be put into a similar background of the Civil Rights Movement.

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