january 2017

Volume 2, Number 1

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field — Peter Adams

From the office of the president

Drema Swader

Welcome to 2017. As your new club president, I look forward to heading up the club this year. I am confident it is going to be another great year for the club

I would l like to take a moment to thank Terri Thompson for her work last year as president. She accomplished a great deal, and moved the club forward with all of her effort.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Jeff Booher for all that he does for the club. He puts in long hours and is the glue that has kept the club together and running smoothly. In addition to planning our outings and workshops, he does a million little tasks around the club, like showing up when there is no one else to host the building. He even took over as Editor of the Newsletter when there was no one else willing. Without him, this club would not be the lively thriving club that it is.

Also, I would like to mention a couple of little changes we are making when starting the meetings this year:

We are going to have a club Social (Half) Hour on meeting nights from 7 to 7:30. We are asking the members who bring refreshments to please arrive by 6:45 and have refreshments ready for Social (Half) Hour by 7:00pm. That way, people can socialize before the meeting and be ready to start the meeting promptly at 7:30.

Along with that, on Critique Night, we will have a cut off time of 7:20pm for getting the photos into the bins. To participate in the critique, please arrive in time to get your photos into the bin by 7:20 so the handlers can get the photos ready in time for the meeting.

When submitting photos for exhibition, please remember to put a label on the back with the title and your name. Last year we intended to enforce this rule, but found there was no easy way. This year the handler will check for the photographer’s name and title as he presents the photo for critique. If there is none, the handler will quietly set the photo aside and it will not be critiqued. The photographer will be welcome to bring the photo back for critique the next month after the proper label has been affixed.

The Social (Half) Hour will be a fun time when members can catch up, get to know each other a little better, and ask all those pressing questions about how someone accomplished that special technique while capturing or printing their photos. I know I have some questions for certain individuals already!


2017 Officers

We begin the new year with a slate of new Officers and Department Chairs.

  • President: Drema Swader
  • Vice President: Jeffry Booher
  • Treasurer: Osia Strasner
  • Secretary: Nancy Varga
  • Display Chair: Michael Fairbanks
  • Interclub Competition Chair: Drema Swader
  • Webmaster: Jeffry Booher
  • Programs Chair: Jeffry Booher

The election left the offices of Recruit Chair and Newsletter Editor vacant so those offices will be filled by presidential appointment in 2017. If you are interested in filling either of the jobs (or both) then send a note to Drema and let her know.


Year end competition

2015 Year End Competition

At the January 4th meeting, members bring the prints for the photos that were entered electronically into the Year End Competition. Customized entry labels, like what one receives when entering the Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair, for each print will be distributed and must be affixed to the back of each entry.

The labels that you receive are stickers that will be adhesed, permanently, to the back of your prints so it is important that you have sturdy backings on your prints. The label is much larger than it was in previous years--about the same size that is used by the Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair.

When you arrive for the meeting the tables in the foyer will be staffed with attendants who will help to get your labels to you. The tables and labels are organized by last name so find your table and get your labels. Drema and Jeff will be manning the desk in the Darkroomers Gallery, reviewing any prints that need to be approved for entry.

Eight boxes, one for each category, will be set aside in the Reception Gallery for you to submit your prints...


Participation in the Darkroomers Year End Competition is up. We have increased our membership year-to-year and hit 50 members this year. Likewise, we have more members entering the competition this year.

  • 2014: 16 members entering, 154 submissions (9 entries per member on average)
  • 2015: 17 members entering, 189 submissions (11 entries per member on average)
  • 2016: 19 members entering, 145 submissions (7 entries per member on average)

The number of submissions per member allowed was reduced, due to a rule change, from 15 down to 10 in 2016 but more members are participating. We received 189 entries in 2015 and it took a little over 3 hours to complete the competition so, with 145 entries this year, we should be able to finish the competition in just under 3 hours.



Our judges for the Year End Competition run the gamut of interest but are all highly skilled in their craft.

  • Former San Diego Zoo Staff Photographer, Ron Garrison
  • Trey Ratcliff Arcanium Inception Master and ViewBug Developing Artists Coordinator, Laurie Rubin
  • San Dieguito Academy Photography Instructor, Susan Coppock
2017 Darkroomers Year End Competition Judging Panel

schedule of events

  • 9am Cleaning Crew Arrives. Coffee and donuts are provided to get your heart started. We need about 6 volunteers to help clean. This will also be the incoming Presidential inauguration with the cleaning of the toilets. This year the toilets are ADA compliant... Hail to the Chief!
  • 11am Staff Briefing.
  • 11:30am Welcome reception for judges. Drinks and a Lunch platter will be provided for the crew, the judges and guests in attendance.
  • 12pm Judges Briefing followed by the Competition.


Program news

Checkout our video short of January's programs for a quick glance of Upcoming events



All Aboard

"Loco" by Jeff Booher

Darkroomers hits the railroad on January 28th. The train enters the station at 9am so, if you need to carpool, you better come to the January 18th meeting to find out who is going so you can grab a ride. We are meeting at the entrance to the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum in Campo at 9am.


club news

The 2017 Membership Drive is well underway. All members must fill out a 2017 Membership Application and complete a Statement of Proxy when renewing their memberships. Members whose renewal forms and dues which are not received by December 31st will be dropped from the membership roll. This may be the last newsletter you receive until you renew your membership...

Membership Applications and Statements of Proxy can be filled out online and printed to make it easier and more legible--just print and sign the completed form then bring it with you to the next club meeting along with your check for $45 made payable to Darkroomers.



cold pizza

Many prints have been left in the building for more than 180 days and need to go home. Those prints whose owners have not renewed their memberships will automatically be destroyed or put up for donation in February.

pomp and circumstance

The 75th annual Darkroomers Awards Ceremony and Dinner will be held at the Seven Seas, Mission Valley on January 25th. RSVPs must be made by January 19th and can be made at any club meeting with a cash or check or can be done online conveniently using PayPal. The last meeting to pay by cash or check will be the January 18th meeting but you can pay using PayPal until January 19th.

To mark our 75th year, we are planning something special but you have to come to the extravaganza to experience it. Dinner service starts at 6pm with social (half) hour from 5:30-6pm.



america the beautiful

Darkroomers is now a PSA Member Club which gives the club huge benefits for a small annual fee.

  • Access to PSA judges
  • Access to the PSA library
  • Darkroomers listing in the PSA club directory and on the PSA website
  • A copy of the PSA Journal sent monthly to the PAB
  • Resources for the newsletter and website

The PSA library is full of great training aids and articles--some of which are made available for print in the newsletter. We are still looking for how we can integrate the PSA library into our program so watch for details in upcoming newsletters and club announcements.



"Toilet Party" by Dave Poplawskli

The renovation is mostly complete and you can resume your normal bathroom activities--within reason. More importantly, however, we now have a beautiful backroom whose walls are no longer lined with peeling paint or its floors deteriorating with chipped asbestos.

special Thanks to Dave Poplawski for the hip new bathroom mirrors which liven up the joint



This year, SCACC will be sending the top winning images from the Interclub Year End Competition to compete nationwide in the 2017 PSA Council's Challenge. Details on how the program will be implemented are yet to be determined but a plan will be presented to SCACC and participating member clubs sometime in the first quarter.



New themes for 2017's Quarterly Competitions have been chosen and we hope they garner new found interest in the competition.

The theme for the first quarter is "Railroad Cars" and the competition will be held on march 29th


The spirit of our Quarterly Competition is to encourage members to break out of their comfort zone--challenge themselves to photograph differently, think differently and see differently. Taking part in the competition is optional but here are some tips to consider when photographing for themed competitions. The quarterly themes this year will be less challenging but hopefully these tips will help you when shooting for a theme.

  1. Use Google. Look at what images are out there and use those images as a basis for your photography. If you get stuck or cannot think of what to shoot, start with Google.
  2. Literal Puns. Not all themes work but, for Railroad Cars, you can shoot automobiles next to a railroad. The theme is likely to produce 30 images of cabooses, gondolas, boxcars, tanker cars, flatbeds and hoppers so having something unique that makes the viewer think is bound to get votes.
  3. Shoot the Opposite. This is a brave choice and likely to raise some eyebrows.
  4. Use a thesaurus to look up similar words with alternate meanings and trace word stems to find substitutes that can make things interesting. Themes like Green had meanings that weren't necessarily color-bound that you could shoot like fresh, inexperienced or envious...
  5. For themes that are emotional in nature, shoot something that puts the viewer in the emotional state of the theme rather than trying to shoot the theme itself. Anguish was a tricky theme to shoot but Gerrit Beukema nailed it with his razor blade and blood photo. The photo did not depict anguish but, rather, put the viewer in an anguished state.



Gene Wild

Our judge for January is Gene Wild. Gene is the Director of the San Diego County Fair's International Exhibition of Photography. Gene will return in March to talk about the Fair.



all circuits busy

the theme for the fair has been changed to where the west was fun... PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF IT



A free beginners workshop for SCACC members only!

A two hour workshop exclusive to SCACC members! This workshop is aimed at photography beginners or those struggling with camera and photography basics. We will be focused on understanding exposure and what aperture (ƒ-stops), shutter speeds, and ISO are. We’ll also cover metering light, how to read a histogram, and some basic composition methods that go beyond the Rule of Thirds. Space is limited.

Saturday, January 21st; Photographic Arts Building, Balboa Park 1pm. Free


San Diego Tet Festival

The San Diego Tet Festival is a one of a kind bonanza with free entertainment, lion dancing, music, rides and more! Home to Miss Vietnam, Golden Voice and the Step Up Dance Competition, the San Diego Tet Festival is world renowned for its epic celebration. Join us in welcoming the Year of the Rooster as we Spring To New Horizons! Embark on an EPIC adventure of fun, excitement and discovery!

January 27-29; Mira Mesa Community Park. Free



Photographers, graphic artists, or web designers: are you being asked to create a video for your clients but not sure where to start or what is involved to create a good, professional quality program. Video is powerful! Video is increasingly IN DEMAND! Sadly, the video switch on your DSLR camera does not magically turn you into a cinematographer or video producer… but this workshop will get you started down the right path.

Hosted by George’s Camera and presented by N. David King

David has over 30 years of experience as a commercial photographer and over 20 years’ experience producing award-winning high quality film and video programming for clients ranging from financial institutions to minerals companies to law enforcement to national park’s associations to telecommunications culminating in a family oriented feature. He is currently a professor of photography at San Diego City College and will unravel the mysteries behind this exciting and rapidly expanding arena.

Space is extremely limited for this full-day presentation so register early and secure a seat. Saturday, January 28, 9a-3:30p Georges Camera Kearny Mesa; 99




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