The waters great journey By mason dietsche

My name is jack that is me no not the big one i am the small one i am in a journey. I am trying to find my dad he i lost in the city it has been 200 years since i have seen him last. i miss him this is where my mom and i live in the soil surface

Mom what is happing moving to the city where we will live as accmuation what does that mean it means that we are a big water group that is what the ocean is pretty much. will we ever find dad in the city of course we will find dad. sir have you seen this man. . No kid I have not Iam sorry . Thank you sir Call me JIM.

What is going on mom . We are infiltrating the ground this going on jack. What does that mean it means that we are going into the ground oh that is what it means .Where are we. We are under ground what we can't be under ground but we are jack we are ground water. We are ground water .now

What is happening we are evaporating into the sky mom mom where are you Jack yes it is me Jim Jim ya. Jim what does evaporateing mean it means that we are floting in to the sky aaaaaahhhhhh what we will go into space no we won't what do you mean the water cycle is a closed system we will not go into space.

now we are condenceing what is condenceing mean it mean that we are is where water vapor becomes a cloud. we are becoming cloud so fluffy a can tack a nap on the cloud.

We are going down fast with other people mom ya I found you who is this. This i Jim he has helped me find you.

We are going out of the body as pee what ya we are in the body of a jaguar we are the jaguar pee

Mom did you find dad look behind you. Ok dad that is the end of the water great journey till next time. Thank for reading.till next time you see a rain drop think of this story think of what a rain drop been threw.

Just joking the story is not over yet. Mom what are we doing know I don't know i know we are transferring through the plant


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