Pat Mora Alma acevedo

Pat Mora was born in January 19, 1942 and still alive at age 75. literary period was contemporary. Which means she still writes till this day.
Her influence was due to the day she found out about " El dia de los niños" which led her to write children books for american and hispanic kids. Due to the fact she was both hispanic and american this led to judgement from both sides. (Historical and Personal influence)
Pat Mora primary genre was based on children's literature and juvenile poetry.
Book Fiesta theme is the celebration of the same day Mexico celebrates el día de los niños. Which exhorts everyone to read and have fun in whatever language and locale they choose in a bilingual text in Spanish and English.
Book Fiesta was about the celebration of Mexico childrens day. Telling how children are both equal as one, and are capable of doing many things for example speaking different languages.
My parents used to celebrate el día de los niños here and Mexico. (text to self) Books now a days are published in bilingual languages so people especially children may read them. (text to world)
"We read in English and Spanish, in Chinese and Navajo too. We read by ourselves, we read with a friend."


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