The Young Elites By Marie Lu

Genre- Science Fiction

Marie Lu- Born in China in 1984, Marie Lu, whose real name is Xiwei, pulled most of her ideas for writing from her childhood. She moved to Texas in 1989 and eventually went to college to become a lawyer. This didn't work out however, as she became a director for a video game company. She always loved writing and in 2011, published her first book, Legend. The Young Elites is her second series she has wrote and is scheduled to become a movie along with the other 2 books in this series.

Setting- The Young Elites takes place in a mythical country called Kenettra. The time this story took place is not given, however, it most likely took place sometime in the future.

Plot- After a disease swept the land, most were killed except some that gained powers. People are scared of them and want them dead, especially Teron. Now they must come together and train so they can defeat those who threaten them.

Character List

Adelina- 16 year old girl who has gained the power to create illusions. She has grey hair and 1 eye.

Violetta- Adelina's 14 year old sister who appeared to be unaffected by the blood fever but does in fact have powers.

Enzo- Leader and founder of the Dagger Society who fights to take back Kenettra and make it a safe place for the malfettos.

Teron- Leader of the Inquisition and has made it his mission to kill malfettos.

Theme- The theme of this book is the end of innocence. Since Adelina enherited her powers, she had to defend herself from all of the people trying to kill her. Her father once did that but was killed by Adelina. She then realized that she has no other choice but to grow up.

Main Conflict- The main conflict in the story is that Teron is holding Violetta captive and is forcing Adelina to tell him secrets about the Dagger Society. This is resolved by Adelina coming and breaking her out. This is easy for them because it is now that Violetta reveals that she is a Young Elite and uses her power to escape Teron.


"I will become a force that this world has never known. I will come into such power that none will dare hurt me again." (18) Adelina said this after killing her father for hurting her. From this point on, she knows that no one will protect her.

"If you cast me out of the Dagger Society, then I will form my own. I am tired of losing. I am tired of being used, hurt, and tossed aside. It is my turn to use. My turn to hurt. My turn." (337) Adelina said this to Raffaele after he threatened to kick her out of the Dagger Society. She said this because she was tired of coming to other members of the Society and being betrayed or asked to do something in return. This was her breaking point, her goal now is to be the one who hurts others.


ravenously- extremely hungry; famished.

cavern- a cave, especially one that is large.

masquerade- a party or dance that requires masks.

catacombs- an underground cemetery.

reluctant- unwilling; disinclined.


I would definitely recommend this book. It's interesting watching these kids who the world rejects try to survive. It is entertaining seeing the stuff that they have to do to survive. I would recommend it to teenagers because the kids in the book are teens and they go through some of the stuff that teenagers today go through. The three words that best describe this book are dark, intenseful, and mysterious.

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