Exhibit 5: Developing a Tigers Hunger Long/Short Goals



This exercise to increase self awareness helped me realize what is important to me, and I am very content with what I chose as my core virtue. I picked passion mainly because of it's definition, which was "to have deep feeling about ideas, activities, or people." The word itself is to strict, but I feel the definition is board enough for me to stand by.

Passion, self-esteem, Autonomy, health and mastery are the five personal values I selected. I see these as values a person shows through their overall life, but to find the most essential components of your everyday life, imagine this scenario. Everyone's iPhone is capable of adding multiple apps on it. These apps can be about social media, games, books, education, health, finance or even job related. If you could pick only five apps on your phone with unlimited data and unlimited storage for free, what five categories would they feature. The answer will reveal what you find to be most essential.

In conclusion focusing on a direct credence help me complete multiple tasks, and not look for validation in what I'm doing. Once again it is not the word that correlates to me, but the definition. the word can change at any time or stage of my life, but the definition will always be the same.


For my self-directed portion of this exhibit i took the strong interest inventory test.



I am very glad i took this test, because it showed how I respond differently to certain interest level. The test has six general occupational themes which are social, artistic, enterprising, investigative, realistic and social. According to the test my highest themes are conventional, realistic and investigative even though i scored high on every theme. The interest scale in the test gave me specific interest that point to work activities, projects, course work that are personally rewarding. The suggestions given to me were definitely some that I took advantage of and are leisure activities that are not only motivating, but helps me gain more knowledge to my field.

Overall this personal exhibit did help me become more aware of what my goals are, and it also helped me realize that what profession I should consider. Suggestion for a vocation that the test recommended were computer & IS manager, computer systems analyst, computer programmer, technical support specialist, or arts/entertainment manger. With those description I think I need to look in technology or find a way to merge all five into one. No matter what I decide to do it is nice to know what type of career fits my interest.

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