IT Manager By: Jacie Pool

About It

Computer and information systems managers, or information technology managers, are the guides who help organizations navigate the always-changing labyrinth that is modern technology.

Earnings and Salary

IT managers earned a median salary of $131,600 in 2015, or $63.27 per hour, according to BLS data. The best-paid earned more than $187,200, while the lowest-paid brought home a still-respectable $80,160 in 2015.

Classes to Take

IT managers typically need a bachelor's degree in computer or information science, including coursework in computer programming, software development and mathematics. Many organizations also require their IT managers to have a graduate degree, such as a Master of Business Administration. Most spend five to 10 years in an IT occupation before being promoted to manager, but smaller companies generally do not require as much experience as larger companies. Successful IT managers can further advance to IT directors, chief technology officers and perhaps even chief information officers.


I would go to ITT institute and choose any of the tuition helping me reach my goal.

ITT Technical Institute was a for-profit technical institute. Founded in 1969 and with approximately 130 campuses in 38 states of the United States, ITT Tech was one of the largest for-profit educators in the US.

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