Race Highlights MARCH 2018

For March Race Weekend, drivers ran the Clark 3.22-mile configuration. Four of our members tested their new Radical Sportcars throughout the weekend. John Morris and Jeffrey Cheng searched for the limits of their new SR8s, and father and son, Jim and Sean Mason, showcased their new SR3s. Along with the Masons, we had one more father and son duo on the track; Indy Al and AJ Miller, who both won pole in their respective classes during Saturday’s qualifying. We would also like to welcome our youngest Member, Brixton Rambo! He attended his first race weekend and was able to see his dad atop podium both days. Congratulations to Brandon and Chelse Rambo on their new bundle of joy!

It was great to see large grids in our LSR division over the weekend. 20 racers on Friday and 17 on Saturday made for an exciting weekend in the LSR division. Denis O’Leary, Doug Ramirez, Mark Rohrwasser, Ron Eckhardt and Indy Al Miller had a fantastic battle on Friday. Saturday was much the same. It was truly a sight to see such a tight string of race cars coming through East track’s esses! We also had Ron Fletcher, Mitch Bishop and Shahin Mobine having their own battles throughout the weekend. Large grids and large groups battling made for a phenomenal weekend of racing in the LSR division.

The Miata race was especially exciting on Saturday, with great battles and some impressive off-track excursions. Saturday was Steve Hardie’s first race and it was an exciting debut. During the race Steve went off in turn 2 but managed to maintain control and return the track without incident. Sounds of excitement poured from the tower commending his remarkable car control. Congratulations Steve and welcome to Club Racing!

In other news, we hope you’ll join us for the Sports Car Invitational on May 4th, 5th and 6th. We will be running the spectacular Mansell "C" 3.4-mile road course for this special event. The Invitational is open to both members and non-members. This is a great opportunity to invite your friends and family to experience the excitement of performance driving and racing. Please invite your friends and family for over 7 hours of open lapping sessions, competitive time trials and bracket road racing! Drivers must register for this event in order to attend. The event is open to all experience levels and is limited to sports cars only (no sport racers). We are looking forward to this event and hope you are too!

Light Sport Racer


  • LSR1: 1st Brandon Rambo, 2nd John Melsom and 3rd Gerhard Watzinger
  • LSR2: 1st Ron Eckhardt, 2nd John Morris and 3rd Jeffrey Cheng
  • LSR3: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Mitch Bishop and 3rd Greg Boehme
  • LSRR: 1st AJ Miller, 2nd Roc Capobianco and 3rd Rahul Patel


  • LSR1: 1st Brandon Rambo, 2nd John Melsom and 3rd Gerhard Watzinger
  • LSR2: 1st Ron Eckhardt and 2nd Mark Rohrwasser
  • LSR3: 1st Indy Al Miller, 2nd Mitch Bishop and 3rd Ron Fletcher
  • LSRR: 1st Rahul Patel, 2nd AJ Miller and 3rd Roc Capobianco



  • Miata: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Craig Kember and 3rd John Saroyan
  • MX5: 1st Mark Saroyan, 2nd Jim Balestrieri and 3rd Teddy Landau


  • Miata: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Craig Kember and 3rd John Saroyan
  • MX5: 1st Kenny Northrup, 2nd Dennis Russell and 3rd Mark Saroyan

Next Race Weekend

We hope to see everyone for our April Race Weekend! We will be running the Mansell C course. Be sure to mark your calendars for the Sports Car Invitational in May. We’ll see you at the track!

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