My latest hobby Loving my little babies

I use to have a small collection of plants in my apartment years ago, but with moving around and the change in conditions they were accustomed to, I'eventually lost them all.

Recently I've yet again found an interest in plants, and decided to try my hand at succulents. It's been an absolute wonderful time, as, not only am I gaining a beautiful array of life and greenery, I've also gained a riding buddy.. My Mom

All the kiddies together Brought home a couple new additions to the family that day!
My Beautiful Succulent Garden..
No one warned me that plants can be addictive
I grew obsessed with locating a maidenhair fern.. and wanted mine to look just like this
I found this beauty at a plant show mom, dad and myself attended.. it wasn't exactly what I wanted, but he (yes he.. ) was from the same family
Some other ferns I also picked up at the plant show
So proud of my growing collection.. isn't he a beauty
Got this one from my Mom.. I named her Penelope, She's my pride and joy
My Succulents were suffering, did not seem to be doing very well in my apartment, and even worse outside.. So my wonderful mom adopted them, as her collection was thriving.
And my collection grew.
My ZZ PLANT the only survivor from my previous apartment is finally catching its self... I've got a new sprout!!
Alas!!! The Maidenhair I was dying to get was finally in my possession and I got a beautiful pot to put her in
I was so excited!!
Got yet another maidenhair, and some Caladiums, a lady fern and yes .. collection is growing
All my many ferns
Did some repotting that night
I was TOTALLY crushing on my creation
My beautiful outdoor Fern Pot So green and full of life
Wanted to try my hand at growing moss... that didn't go so well
More plants were arriving
And more plants
Still looking good!
And more plants.. gosh! So beautiful variegated allocasia
Still looking good!
Love this one so much! Calathia Orbofolia, I've had quite trying times with it though
Lush greenery.. just gorgeous!
My Peacock Plant.. beeeeeautiful!
Much of my Kids!
Look at the colour!!! Lovely Caladium
The fern pot has surely filled out with caladiums
A few quick snap shots; beautiful sun sets
And some of the latest additions to the family
Fabulous pots! From a guy we ventured pretty far to find
Casper.. my spoilt child! He's not too impressed with me these days ☹️

Such a beautiful leaf.. think this is also a type of alocasia

My African Violet.. amazed. It's lasted this long

A lil variety

Silver Lace fern .. got this one from my mom the other day

Took this from the outdoor fern pot and gave it its own pot.. fingers crossed, it does well

Update on my much coveted MaidenHair Ferns

The big leafed one got upset with me it seems, and died. The other 2 smaller leafed ones and the ones that I was dying to have.. those started to suffer.. but thank goodness Mom to the rescue... they are doing beautifully and should be moving back home very soon!

My Maiden Hair Ferns

They're Back home!!

Thanks Mom, they're gorgeous!

So in love! Got this fern from mom :)
Gorgeous ferns, peacock plant & my Calathia
Just beautiful. Calathia Orbifolia !
My Maranta or Prayer Plant
Prayer Plant
The outside garden
A different angle view of my outside garden
Alocasia & Caladium
Fluffy Ruffles.. ferns ferns everywhere!!
A Group Shot
Just soaking up the sunshine :)
A Dear Friend was kind enough to make me a plant stand (love it)
Isn’t the colour on this gorgeous !

Some Plant Show Purchases

White Balloon Flowers
Purple Balloon Flowers
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Anna-lisa DeSouza

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