Real or Make Believe By: Jesus Sanchez

A seed is real because all plants come from them.

I am terrified of this place because it looks haunted and creepy.

This grass is very thick so you need to go slow when you are mowing the yard.

This pest is a beetle this beetle

You can switch the lite switch off and on.

He has a tooth ache so his teeth are hurting.

The weed destroys the plants

She dodged the ball.

Theirs a batch of cookies.

The mod is very slippery, because it has a lot of water.

My Costume

For Halloween i'm going to be a zombie and knock on peoples doors and say, "trick-or-treat." then I will go to other peoples houses then will do the same thing. Then, keep doing the same thing until my bucket is full of candy. Then I will go home and east the candy until I get full of the candy Then later I will eat more of the candy until i finish all the candy. Then play on my ipad fall asleep on my bed. Then I will wake up eat Lucky Charms. You know what then they are Lucky. For Halloween I'm going to be a zombie. Happy Halloween!

I was a zombie but i was not a zombie Spongebob.


Created with images by James Niland - "Harlequin bug instar (Explored)" • annaestasyeah - "seeds" • lafraguadevulcano0 - "terror tree stairs" • Hans - "grass rush juicy" • zdenet - "colorado potato beetle pest beetle" • Dan Misener - "Switches" • garryknight - "Aching Tooth" • sipa - "stinging nettle urtica urticaceae" • sepaktakraw_group - "Sepaktakraw Beach" • Dustytoes - "cookies chocolate chip food" • Myriams-Fotos - "earth wet earth mud" • Hypnotica Studios Infinite - "Asbury Park Zombie Walk 2013"

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