Monthly newsletter JANUARY 2020


In this month our students made a presentation about the mobility in Romania for their schoolmates in the sports hall. The actors acted one scene of "On the Road with Caragiale" and the musicians played the music.
We also updated information and pictures on our Erasmus+ noticeboard.
The students who are going to Turkey in March were learning their roles and practicing the music. We started the rehearsals.


In January we was busy with dissemination activities. We made presentations to teachers and students and their parents about Romania Mobility. Technology and design teacher organised school board with the photos of Romania and showed the premier at the entrance of our school.
We started preparations for Turkey mobility. We made rehearsals about the play “The first flying man, Hezarfen”.
We played the Telli Turna and Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım.
All the students read the English version of the book at English lessons and drew pictures about the story with their art teacher. Art teacher drew costumes for the play.
Also we started the dance with the song “Üsküdara gideriken aldı da bir yağmur”.
We read our friends letters and Cvs watched their videos and chose our home-mates.
We are so excited about meeting them. We are looking forward to seeing you in İstanbul, Turkey!


First we read the story "The First Flying Man", the Turkish play, and we enjoyed it a lot.
We recorded stage directions for all 5 scenes of "The Flying Man" , and we have finished!
Our students are preparing a flamenco dance for the competition on Twinspace! Flamenco is very traditional in Spain. It's not easy but we will succeed in the end.
Finally our students who are visiting Turkey have recorded videos for the host families.
We are all looking forward to visiting Turkey!!!!


NICOLA, LUCA, ANNA, MAI LAN, RICCARDO are the students travelling to ISTANBUL for the fourth mobility and they are working hard...
…reading together the text of the new play “THE FIRST FLYING MAN”
…rehearsing the play following Jorge’s suggestions.
….ANNA and NICOLA (CLARINET), and RICCARDO (GUITAR) are studying the music scores and reharsing with their music teachers
We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul! BYE BYE


This month we disseminated the play "On the Road with Caragiale" to our colleagues. We made a contest about "The most original picture a la Caragiale" .
Also we finished the official videos for the Romanian mobility of the play "On the Road with Caragiale".
We started to prepare for the next mobility in Turkey.
Our students read the play "The First Flying Man" and we made the first rehearsal.
Also they made the CV and presentation videos.
We started to work about our national dance.
See you soon!