TLD GasGas SSR 2021 Year In Review

Team Set Up

Many have told us we have the nicest set up in the pits and we definitely agree. Our setup has more to offer than many others do. TLD GasGas SSR focuses strong on providing an activation platform for those that support us. Pictured above is an activation and retail space for Troy Lee Designs, Motul, Pirelli MX, and Sunoco Race Fuels that the team put together every race weekend.

2021 Race Season

8 Outdoor National Motocross Rounds / 4 National Supercross Rounds / 2021 Walton Trans Can Amateur Grand National Championship / Select AMO Rounds

Social Media Deliverables

With Social Media so prominent in our industry we made sure that our online presence is top notch with regular and scheduled posts, live race day updates, sponsor shoutouts, weekly video edits, and a growing Tik Tok page. We have made it a priority to continuously interact with followers, fans, and sponsors on a daily basis. Our Live Race Day Instagram stories are unmatched by any team, we give our followers a fully detailed timeline of how the race day is going, as it happens.

Media Coverage

TLD GasGas SSR holds strong relationships with industry media and ensures great exposure through traditional print and online media. Sam Gaynor got the cover shot for the June 2021 article of MXP magazine. Our riders are never shy of the media and participate in any interviews, articles, and videos being created by media outlets such as Direct Motocross, Interlaced Productions, and MXP Magazine. All pro racing is broadcasted live throughout the world on Fox Sports Racing as well as the FloSports app.

Weekly Press Releases

A weekly press release is written and distributed to all sponsors, media, and race promoters no more than 2 days after a race. We use this traditional medium of writing combined with video edits and photos to deliver our sponsors and other interested parties a thorough understanding of race results and team activity.

Weekly Video Edits


Thank You for an Amazing First Season

TLD GasGas SSR would like to give a huge thank you to everyone that was a part of putting this team together. We survived an entire season of racing through a pandemic and it turned out to be a success. As we slowly start getting back to normal we are very excited to continue to grow our team towards great success. Thank you to all staff and riders for working extremely hard and pushing through all challenges. We are extremely thankful for the sponsors that allow us to go racing, without you none of this would be possible. We look forward to maintaining strong relationships with those that supports us as we continue to grow as well as create new relationships along the way.


James Lissimore @lissimorephoto