How to make a Carvey Taryn R. p.1

The idea for my project was a party hat that had either Happy New Year in it or 2017. I also wanted balloons somewhere in the carving so I decided to put Happy New Year in the hat and I made some balloons to go on the bottom with 2017 on it so I could use both ideas. For inspiration I looked up a party hat picture and font ideas for the Happy New Year and 2017.

First create a design and go over the lines you want to be carved in sharpie. Make sure you make the lines thick.

Go to inventables and open up Easel.

Pick the color block you want for your design to be carved on.

Put the block in the machine.

Loosen the screws for the angle, put your block underneath it, then tighten the screws.

Put the silver stairs underneath the other screws the tighten them. You have to do this for all three screws.(All of them except the black angle 2.)

Air drop your picture into Easel.

I chose to hand draw my design then airdrop it into Easel. I had to make some lines thicker for example, when I went on to Easel there were red lines for the balloons so I decided to make the balloons more thick along with the words. My design did change from the original idea I had by adding the balloons on the bottom and adding Robinson on the top. Then I decided that the party hat alone didn't look like a party hat so I added some confetti to make it look more realistic.

Move the depth size to 1/16 inch

Bit size should be 0.0625 in at the top.

Choose this material

Make sure it is 6in by 6in and the width or Z is 0.25in. To prepare for this project I made sure all of the measurements and settings were correct before I pressed carve. This includes the bit size, measurements, and tile color. Also I had to make sure that the block was prepared in the machine with all of the screws tightened.

Turn the machine on in the back

Hit carve at the top right corner.

Go through and make sure that everything is okay and ready to carve

Sit back and watch your carving!

Here's the final product! My project turned out pretty nice. The only thing that didn't really carve was the balloon shape. Everything thing turned out how I wanted it too exept for the balloons but I fixed it by going over the parts that didn't carve with blue sharpie. I am most proud of my idea on the layout and something I could improve on next time is making the lines of balloons more thick so that they would carve. The most interesting part of this project was seeing my project carve. It wasn't hard to do. Overall, I enjoyed this project and I think this is very cool and interesting so see how the tile gets carved.

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