Australia 2016 the Kimberely and crocodiles

These are a few of the 12,000 photos that I took whilst traveling in Australia from May to July 2016. My goal was to photograph "saltie" crocodiles, and to travel through the Kimberley which is in the north eastern part of Western Australia. I achieved that goal and so much more.........

Endless roads in Cape Leveque
The Morning after the Night before in Cape Leveque, Kimberley
Saltie Crocodile on the Adelaide River
I am Bruno, the alpha male, on the Adelaide River. I am 90 years old, 25 feet long, and am looking for lunch
Katherine Gorge before sunrise
The sunrise exposes the glorious colours of Katherine Gorge
I'm an iconic fruit bat. I am over a foot long and am so grumpy in the mornings
This morning I am hanging the right way up in the trees of Katherine gorge and it is a bit weird.........
Tunnel Creek...a walk in the darkness, through water which was home to freshwater crocodiles. Fortunately they don't usually eat people. Well that is what I was told
Tunnel creek. My torch was failing and it was a bit creepy, so I tagged along with another group.......wimp
Windjana beautiful
A white gum tree at sunset in Windjana gorge
Renee and Clayton...shared a few drinks with them in Windjana Gorge
The Red roads of Cape Leveque.. the red dust coated not only the outside of my 4x4 but everything inside it, including me.
Sunset at the Gynmarung retreat in Cape Leveque
GYNMARUNG RETREAT.. No noise, no light noise and virtually no people. Just glorious views and peace and quiet. It was here that I perfected my baked bean and red wine supper.
The 4x4 that carried me 20,000km over 10 weeks, and it did not break down once, nor did I have a flat. If you travel in the outback, you have to have a Toyota
Prehistoric and fascinating
Damn please find me a dentist and a toothbrush
Flying over the Kimberley coastline
A beautiful island off the Kimberley coast......don't go swimming though as the these waters are full of crocodiles and bull sharks
The mighty King Edward River...can you see the croc?
The majestic Mitchell Falls in the Kimberely..... it was hot, 37c and humid and I took a dip with all my clothes on just to cool down.
The Pentecost River. I drove across this with my heart in my mouth because if you break down you cannot leave your car as the crocs are likely to get you
Lake Argyle in the Kimberley.
This is Max, one of the hosts at the Zebra Rock Mine company in the Kimberley. Max took us on a boat on Lake Argyle and the sunsets, birds, freshwater crocs were awe inspirng, so I stayed at Zebra for 5 nights
Oh the colours are extraordinary
SUNSET on Lake Argyle
This sea eagle came every evening for food which Max provided.
And he caught it every time
Always look behind you when shooting into the sun, as the colours are so different. blues, purples.......gorgeous
No words can describe this beauty
Beautiful clouds contrasted against a glorious sunset
Oh my god... the light is just amazing
The Zebra rock Mine company hosts. So friendly
Hi there. I'm a Jabiru. I love my red legs but I am very shy
I have never seen sunsets like this before. They take your breath away.

From a photographer's perspective this trip was amazing. The colours in Australia are so varied and vibrant, all contrasting against vast blue skies. Thanks for taking the time to have a look at these pictures. Chris.

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