During the Vietnamese War thousands of children became orphaned. Left alone in the streets with no hope what so ever of finding a family. The numbers were so high that the U.S president Gerald Ford began an operation named Baby Lift. It was an attempt to move all the Vietnamese children out of Vietnam.

Here is a photo of a U.S marine woman, Ermalinda Salzar, who volunteered to help the orphans in St.Vincent de Paul Orphanage.

In addition in this time period tons of children were born what they called back then, Amerasians, children born half Asian and half White. (Usually Asian mother and White father) Sadly, these children and their mothers were terribly discriminated many harassed and disrespected them. Sometimes even their own families left them on their own due to the overwhelming shame. So, the children were left heart broken almost always there father un-known and motherless. How can a child live through this without suffering from severe depression and low-self esteem? Well, they can't. These poor children were deprived of joy for goodness sake their childhood.

There was also extreme drug abuse by American soldiers. It says that a drug called Amphetamine was used to alert them while on duty, however after the effect of the dose seared away they became un-tolerable. Christian Appy American in Working Class War said" They became edgy and extremely irritable, so much so they felt like shooting "children in the streets" Imagine young children surrounded by soldiers with guns, rifles, ect. immersed in the ambition of drugs. What good can come to them? What good are they learning? These are problems that adults now a days might face and get crumpled down by the anxiety and sadness. So, how can these poor orphaned children deal with this?

Doctor, William E. Owen, plays with Vietnamese children. Most of them are malnourished in this photo as shown by the kid running in front of the doctor.
My Lai Massacre (below can see a young baby in purple shirt motionless alongside parents)

In March 16, 1988 347 to 504 Vietnamese from various age groups were massacred including children by U.S soldiers. They had been killed by snipers, rifles, and even booby traps. This was called the My Lai Massacre.

Children around the world not just in Vietnam suffer from war. Most of the time when we think of someone/something suffering from war is the soldiers, or the country itself. However, children is not the first to mind, but sadly they truly are the first to suffer. Children are like blooming flowers in the spring. They are filled with laughter and beauty new to the world. They need nurture and care as well as a strong back bone to aid them through life. Their minds and hearts need to be shown the beauty of this world, so they know what to fight and strive for. Sadly, an occurrence such as a war demolishes their childhood. Depriving them of finding the true happiness of being a true kid. They have to experiences situations that could crumble any given persons self image in a matter of seconds. Their mind flashes forward years while still containing a diminutive appearance. It is just too much for a child to take. They just can't do it! Spiritually and mentally! Search up children at war and scroll through all million photos. There will not be one smile shown or sign of joy and if there is then it was just part of an act. War changes children into a way no one would ever want to be changed.

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