Should Nuclear Weapons be Banned Worldwide? Sarah Fritz Period 7

Nuclear weapons are a very controversial issue, discussed by politicians and others too. Nuclear weapons were created to protect people from threats too large to deal with using only conventional weapons. Some would argue that we have gone too far with the production and use of these weapons, or that we should get rid of them. They think that nuclear weapons are inhumane. Trying to disarm and dispose of these nuclear weapons would be dangerous. It could also possibly be even more harmful to the environment than the nuclear weapons themselves. We should not get rid of nuclear weapons because if we did the disposal would cause more problems than the weapons themselves do. Our country’s and other’s safety would be at stake without nuclear weapons.

Without nuclear weapons, the United States of America would not be as safe. If military forces could only use conventional weapons, like guns or regular bombs, nations would have fewer inhibitions against armed conflict. This means that we would have a more relaxed feeling at war. This can be a good thing because we would have more people willing to fight for our country because no one would be scared about what might happen to the if they join. On the contrary, this gives us a false sense of security. We might think that everything would be fine, but in reality, it would not be fine, and this could prove to be very harmful to our country. It could also lead to world peace, but unless every country was relaxed, we would never truly be safe. If only some countries were to become too relaxed, that could ultimately be very costly. Plus, every country on Earth would have to agree to get rid of nuclear weapons.

Just because we would get rid of the nuclear weapons doesn’t mean that everyone will. If only a few countries would give them up, then they would be left vulnerable to those who didn’t give them up. The US has a nuclear umbrella for fellow NATO members and its allies in Asia, who would feel uncomfortable without them, especially with North Korea as their neighbors. If they got too uncomfortable, these countries would start developing their own nuclear weapons, thus adding more nuclear weapons to the mix, and making the US’ disposal of nuclear weapons completely pointless. Perhaps every country could give up their nuclear weapons, but this is very unlikely. Too many countries rely heavily on their nuclear weapons to give them all up. Even if they did, eventually the demand for these weapons would be back. So if we could get everyone to destroy their nuclear weapons, it would only be a temporary fix. Nuclear weapons don’t just promote war.

Nuclear weapons can be used to promote peace. Many people believe that nuclear weapons can only be used to promote war and conflict. This is not true, however. No country would want to pick a fight or wage a war against another country that has more nuclear power than they do. During the Cold War, the United States and the former Soviet Union developed tens of thousands of warheads, and even with the differences between the two countries, neither attacked so as to not launch a devastating attack. Old concerns and fears from the Cold War may be gone, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need nuclear weapons. New fears and concerns are becoming a reality every day, such as terrorist threats and religious and ethnic tensions. Sure, disposing of nuclear weapons would be a fast solution, but it would not be a smart move.

Getting rid of or banning nuclear weapons would be an easy fix to the problem at hand, which is that countries are getting more and more nuclear power. However, the banning and destruction of nuclear weapons would only be a temporary solution to the problem. There is no permanent fix at the moment. Eventually, some countries would start to feel insecure and fear for the safety of its residents. These countries would make new nuclear weapons in order to make their citizens feel safer. Nuclear weapons can even keep countries safe from other countries with more nuclear power. They can even be used to promote peace because no one will pick a fight with a country who possesses more nuclear power than them. Getting rid of or banning nuclear weapons worldwide would be a very unwise decision, and could even prove to be more catastrophic than the nuclear weapons themselves.

Joe doesn’t think that the president can do this. Getting rid of all nuclear weapons is a horrible idea. Every country signed the agreement, but this seems too good to be true.

After about a week of the agreement being in effect, Russia, Iran, and North Korea form an alliance, and they refuse to destroy their weapons. They are planning an attack against 20 countries. As word of this reaches the countries that are to be attacked, they start making more nuclear weapons. The whole world had nuclear weapons again.

After another 50 years, another country calls for nuclear weapon disarmament. The same thing happens as before, except this time, North Korea and Russia launch attacks on the America. So the US strikes back. After the war is over, millions are dead, and hundreds of thousands missing.


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