How To : Trenches By: Gianna Rodriguez-Ducati

Steel Helmet


The steel helmet was the introduction of new weapons and improved the already existing ones. The steel helmet was used to protect soldiers from machine gun and rifle fire. They were also used to protect soldiers from the shrapnel flying through the air (10 Things).

Mosquito Net


The First World War was the first major conflict in which British deaths in battle outnumbered deaths caused by disease. This was largely due to medical advances in the prevention and treatment of disease and a better understanding of the importance of good hygiene in limiting its spread.This net was issued to British troops to protect them from mosquitoes and other insects that could spread diseases like malaria (10 Things).

Pocket Surgical Kit


Surgery for the soldiers mainly took place in hospitals. The basic surgery could be could be done on the battlefield in case of emergencies using the pocket surgical kit.The kit belonged to Major-General Patrick Henderson Surgical needs grew rapidly due to the number of soldiers getting hurt during war (10 Things).


(10 Things)

By the start of the first World War, most of the European armies wore single shaded uniforms to blend in with their surroundings. The improved accuracy of rifles and artillery, particularly at long range, and the use of aerial reconnaissance forced armies to make their troops less visible, and therefore less vulnerable (10 Things).

First Field Dressing Pack

(10 Things)

The quicker a soldier received first aid, the better his chances of survival and being able to fight during the war. Immediate treatment, particularly to limit blood loss, or gun wounds could be the difference between life and death. This British First Field Dressing pack contained two field dressings and gave men the means to give themselves limited but rapid care before medical personnel arrived.

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