Conducting Business in Mexico Lara, meghan & camryn

What is culture?

Geert Hofstede: Theory of cultural dimensions, used to describe specific aspects of culture and help those doing business in other countries aware of their differences.

Power Distance

Measures how the difference in power between people is perceive (social status, race, age…) Mexico scores at 81.

Uncertainty Avoidance

The way various cultures adapt to change. Mexico scores at 82.

Individualism Vs. Collectivism

Extent to which people are expected to make own decisions regarding education, work, partners…rather than doing things for the benefit of a team and group loyalty. Mexico scores at 30.

Masculinity vs. Femininity Cultures

Masculine cultures value assertiveness, competitiveness ambition… rather than cooperation, modesty and caring that is considered femininity. Mexico scores at 69.

Edward T. Hall

Five Silent Languages:

The Language of Friendship:

  • Mexicans will only do business with people they see as friends, not business contacts.
  • Business meals are used to get to know each other, the after dinner drinks or coffee are used to talk about business.

The Language of Time:

  • Mexico is a polychronic country, they believe that things take time.
  • "Americans live to work, but Mexicans work to live!"
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner times are different/ work schedules
  • 9/8/17 means August 9, 2017 for Americans, where as it means September 8, 2017 in Mexico. They put the day of the month first.
  • Tardiness is not an issue in Mexico.

The Language of Agreement:

  • In Mexico the word "no" is often added to the end of a sentence.
  • High context culture.
  • "yes" can sometimes mean "no"
  • "No" is considered uncooperative or offensive.

The language of Space:

  • Conversations occur at a close physical distance
  • It is considered rude to move away

The Language of Material Goods

  • Wear dark, conservative clothing
  • Regardless of their class, they dress as nicely as they can afford
  • Giving a gift is not required, but a small gift is appreciated
  • Candy, flowers of a souvenir of where your from

Guess the dimension/ language!

  1. While in deep conversation a Mexican got very offended when the businessman moved further away.
  2. Decisions within a Mexican company are made to benefit everyones success rather than one individual this is done by ensuring that they maintain strong relationships.
  3. Canadian businessmen made a dinner reservation for 5:30 pm, and were completely confused when the Mexicans only ordered a drink.
  4. In Mexico it is important that there are clear plans in place and that all things have been considered prior to creating new business plans in order to avoid unexpected occurrences.
  5. In a business meeting the management of a Mexican company informs his employees that their business will not consider the emotions of others when making their decisions as they are determined for success.
  6. Canadians showed up to a business meeting with Mexico, an hour later and the Mexicans continued to ask personal questions and avoid any business talk.
  7. While in a business meeting Mexicans don't really care what the businessmen are wearing or how big the office is they are meeting in.
  8. In a country like Mexico the top management makes all the decisions based on their needs, if you have any oppositions you have to confront them but your needs are often not considered?
  9. When asked a series of questions Mexico continuously answers yes to all of them.



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