Russia By: Ethan Flannery

The Kremlin (Political)

The Kremlin is by far one of the most grand structures in the world. Not only is it a beautiful piece of history to look at, but it is also the main building for Russia's government. Originally built in 1147, the Kremlin started out as a "grad" on a hill where the Neglinnaya River flowed into the Moskva River. It grew in size and brought people from other cities in Russia to come live in the suburbs next to it. In 1237 it was destroyed by the Mongols, but was later rebuilt in oak in 1339. The Kremlin housed many great czars such as Peter the Great and the magnificent structure you see today has had little change for over four hundred years.

St. Petersburg (Cultural)

In 1703 St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great. Peter the Great wanted to bring western culture into Russia, so it was known as the window on the west. It served as the capital for Russia for over two hundred years bringing in many foreigners to come live in the new city. The location of St. Petersburg was ideal for new ideas and cultures to be spread as it was positioned on the Baltic Sea.

Vladivostok (Economic)

This prime port for trade is located on the eastern coast of Russia on the Sea of Japan. Vladivostok is one of the major economic cities in Russia because of its connection with the Atlantic Ocean. The city was founded in 1860 and was soon used as a port to connect with Japan and the United States. Its main industry is fishing, but the city has also tried to boost their sales in cars. Although it seems positive, trying to raise sales in the automotive industry by raising tariffs on imported cars has weakened the city economically.

St. Basil's Cathedral (Religious)

St. Basil's Cathedral is by far one of the most breathtaking and unique structures you will ever see. Originally built in 1561 it was assigned by Ivan the Terrible and was a Russian Orthodox church. It served as a religious center for many people in Moscow until during the Soviet Union rule when it was used as a national atheist museum. What makes this cathedral different from others is its dynamic colors and its many onion domes.


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