Here are some quick instructions on how to make a simple ring light for photography.

I used an old lamp shade...

Mounted 2 led strips on the bottom, found on Ali Express, Ebay or your local Mc Gyver Store...

I use a 12v lipo to drive the leds but anything that outputs 12v DC would work.

My leds are just below daylight and appear blue-ish in the ambient light of my studio. The camera handles this pretty good with auto WB and in RAW its an easy fix in post. Besides I have shot mostly B&W portraits with it.

I cut the lamp shade just above where the leds ended.

Made a base of foam board.

Added some tinfoil to bounce the light.

Stole my wifes favourite tupperware. Just make sure that the bottom diameter fits over your lens of choice and cut a hole CC on the foamboard and heat glue it. I also used black duct tape on the outside.

Almost done...

Added some tinfoil around the tupperware to block for flare on the lens. I have hot glued a piece of wood on the back to hold onto when I shoot.

Here are some images, the light produces an interesting catch light in the eyes and creates great portrait light. The iris also gets huge since the pupils are contracted. Shot around f 4 on both 35mm and 50mm.

Hope this Was helpfull

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