Enchiladas Monica rogers

Boil two or three chicken breast and add one garlic and a piece of onion.

Shred chicken and leave on the side.

Peal and rinse green tomatos, add one hot pepper and put in to a pot to boil till there soft.

Grab the tomatos with a large soup spoon or anything else that would be useful to take out the tomatos. Than put the tomatos in the blender with a piece of onion and garlic and a table spoon of salt and table spoon of knorr ( blend until it's saucy).

Put sauce in a pot until it boils (bubbles should form).

Get a pan and put olive oil in it (wait till pan is hot) . Than place one corn tortilla in the pan for 30 sec or unitl it gets a little hard.

Dip tortilla in sauce than place on plate put chicken inside of the tortilla and wrap it. Put any toppings on top such as cheese, sour cream, avocado, onion, and cilantro.

Ingredients: 2 or 3 chicken breast, onion, garlic, knorr, salt, olive oil, one hot pepper (or more depends how spicy you want it), 5-10 green tomatos (depending how many serving), corn toritalls 2 or three packs (depends how many people are eating)

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