Stars on the Water An encounter with Cosmos

'Celestial Meets The Sea'

'To be lost in the wind..' A powerful reminder of dreams to be realized... Indeed.. Timely and inspiring words that had me seeking a canopy of stars under a beautiful early morning sky to ponder the words sent to me from a friend who lives on the sea.

As soon as my feet hit the cockpit sole I looked up and Mars was waiting for me. The planet was burning bright red as intense as I have ever seen there for me to reach out to touch if I chose

Saturn caught my attention next as I looked to the west and it too was very clear in the sky.

Then there just above the horizon sat a very red almost full moon ending its passage across the night sky. That majestic sight spoke to me in the silence and I received the moons message.

Three Sailing Souls...

Looking up see what stars were in my rigging and right there poised above the windex was the constellation Cygnus the swan, wings spread in perfect flight. This was no ordinary night!

'Let the sea set you free"

Other stars like Altair, Deneb, and Vega of the summer triangle appeared into my view again very bright. Over my shoulder to the east Cassiopeia, the queen of unrivaled beauty was suspended like a string of diamonds in the sky.

Awed by the grandeur in this perfect stillness I was humbled once again by the sheer beauty that this life can afford if we just open ourselves to the possibilities that come into our lives.


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