Raised in a Barn Life on the wagon trail

Last year the Western Wheel followed Blackie-area chuckwagon driver Jordie Fike, wife Tamara, and seven-week-old daughter Teal as their fledgling family lived and worked at the Calgary Stampede.

One year later, Teal is ever part of the picture behind the scenes at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

It's 8:30 a.m. – Tamara Fike arrives with baby Teal and the family gathers around
Mom sets to work wrapping horses' ankles
Dad tours the barns with Teal
The gentle giant shows a great amount of joy in leading his daughter through his world.
Uncle and fellow chuckwagon driver Chad Fike offers to take teal around the barns on a horseback ride. Teal loves to be around the animals.
Seeing so much of the chores done around the barn, Teal mimics the hired hands and "helps out" with the food mixing.
With the morning chores done, it's time for breakfast. Teal munches on some cornbread and baby food that mom prepared in the trailer they live out of for months of the year.
The barn hands have fun amusing Teal. Hayden Bird takes over bubble blowing duty.
Jordie carries Teal, chasing Hayze Bensmiller. The close-knit family atmosphere is noticeable with the drivers' children playing together.
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Brent Calver


Brent Calver

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