Spelling Bee Year 3 and Year 4

Our Year 3 and Year 4 children who secured a place in the Spelling Bee Final competed on Thursday 27th February.

Congratulations to the following children for earning a place to represent their house team:

Year 3- Reece, Suveithika, Henna, Kerim, Diana, Sana, Wasim, Alexandra, Rion

Year 4- Niya, Mario, Mishkat, Dahaba, Saim, Farrell, Shabana, Rikza

Well done to our Spelling Bee Champion of 2020: Mishkat

In second place: Farrell

In third place: Saim

The children all tried their very best and showed how resilient they can be under pressure.


Created with an image by Unknown - "Spelling Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public Domain"