Mr. Garver and Tye's Interviews By: Imahnie Perez

Question’s for Tye

How were basketball tryouts?

It wasn’t very challenging, but it was fun.

Did you make the team?

Yes, I did.

Varsity or JV?


How was it playing your very first game?

I was nervous but excited at the same time. At the end, it was more challenging because we were down on points.

Can you dunk?


What is the boys record?

Varsity is 3-0, JV is 2-1.

How many points did you average your last game?

10 points

How do you think the season is going to end?

I think the season is going to end better than last season. Hopefully we make it to state playoffs.

What is your relationship with the guys on the team?

Close with some, not so much with others but we all get along and we are all a family.

What do you dislike about basketball?

During the games, and practice’s the gyms get really hot.

What is your favorite about basketball?

Getting to know my teammates as well as bonding with them.

How many points do you want to average by the end of the season?

At least 15.

Are you excited for the Manhattan game on Friday?

Yes, but also a little nervous because it’s a big game and I want to stay undefeated.

How about the Hays game tomorrow?

I am ready, just not ready for the long bus ride.

Are you ready to win?


Question’s for Mr. Garver

What made you want to teach audio/ video class?

Uh, I think what specifically made me want to be an audio/ video teacher because I like working with kids I get along with, and I also had an interest in technology. So when I chose my teaching field journalism offered the most opportunity for technology advancement.

Did you want to do anything else before this job, and this career?

Um, I was always kind of interested in building. I really like working with my hands, I run a side business lawn care and handyman service kind of and then we own a rental company where I kind of do a lot of hands on repair and stuff like that. So I like doing that kind of thing but in college I kind of came to the realization that I’m not good at math and so in order to be a contractor or construction science you have to have a lot of math. So I backed out of that and decided that I could go with what I really wanted to do and that was teaching.

When did you decide you wanted to be a teacher?

Um, I think that I always kind of denied it causes my mom’s been a teacher my whole life, uh so everyone kind of assumed I was going to be a teacher because I was always good with kids. Um, so I kind of tried to deny it the first year of college, probably the first semester of college. My second semester of freshman year in college I was in business at that time and decided it was not for me it’s too much math. I really, really do not like math. Uh so I decided to go into teaching I actually went into secondary education with an emphasis in English, but then I remembered I don’t really like poetry. So then I switched from English to journalism uh and that’s when I decided, the end of freshman year of college.

What was your first job?

Uh, I guess you could say my first job was working at the swimming pool in Riley where I lived, uh I was like 14 or 15 whatever the labor law said I don’t remember. But the first year I was able to work I stared working at the pool as a life guard.

How well did you like that job?

It was alright, I got a good tan. But besides that it was really boring I mean the Riley pool was the size of a backyard pool so there wasn’t a lot of saving going on. I think in the 6 years I worked there I saved 1 kid and it was because he didn’t realize that the 5ft went into the 8ft so he slipped and yeah, so I jumped in and grabbed him.

If you had to teach another class, what would it be?

Uh, I would teach woods, I really like wood working. I do a lot of furniture work for clients and for myself. I built my fiancé and I a nice bed frame, built some tv stands, different things like that. I wanted to go into woods as a teacher but they didn’t offer it at K-state, the closest they offered it was at Fort Hays.

How was school for you growing up?

It was good, I mean like I said my mom was a teacher so I kind of got a short leash but I tested that leash as much as I could. I was in trouble quite a bit, never too serious but I was talking too much, or causing little problems in class, and distracting my class mates. And I think that’s what led me to not like that stuff as a teacher because I was so much that way when I was a kid, that I know how to stop that and I know that kids are capable of stopping themselves from doing that because I’ve experienced it. Uh I don’t know my childhood was pretty good, I grew up in a small town so it was pretty relaxed I did a lot of typical little kid things that you see on movies and stuff.

Did they have all the technology we had?

Uh n, I mean I can remember uh September 11 201 I can vividly remember that I was in second grade and um if something like that were to happen today every teacher would pull it up, and every kid would have it up on their phone. Back then the entire school went in one hallways, and we had two giant tube tvs that got rolled out on these carts and that’s what they showed us on and I was in second grade so I didn’t really know what was going on. But I mean the technology that is offered in schools today is far beyond anything I’ve ever saw even people before me saw less than I did.

Did they have any audio/video classes if so, did you take any?

Um, yeah we had a very basic audio/ video class when I got into high school. It wasn’t anything extinctive It was kind of just screwing around and you know we made this little joke of a show kind of like MTV type show more of comedy but we attempted to put a serious twist to it. My hobby’s included photography and film.

Did you have any friends in your classes?

Yeah, since I went to a small school my entire graduating class was 63 people and uh that was actually pretty big for my school. Uh but my group of friends were probably like 10-15 guys I hung out with consistently and ten outside of that I mean I was pretty much friends with everyone in my class. I knew at least one thing about every one of them, that was kind of unique as well. Different from junction city where your kind of have your little group of friends and then you don’t really adventure outside of that much but I had a little bit of a different experience.

How did you meet your wife?

At K-state we were in the same teaching class. I had a crush on her um from the start of block one and I never said anything to her we got put in a group in April a month before school was over. So I got her number that way and then i was going to a convention so I decided to text her and spill my guts to her and thought if it goes bad I’ll be gone from class the next 4 days.

How long have you guys been together?

For about a year in a half two years. It will be two years when we get married.

What does she do for a living?

She is the facts teacher at junction city. She teaches sewing, career and life planning, apparel and textiles, and maybe one other class that has to do with fashion.

If you could change anything, previous or past, what would it be?

I’d bring my god daughter back, she died in a car accident in a year from last October so if I could do anything it would be that. School related it would be having a lab of desk tops, if I could, if I had the power.

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