Prospect Road Complete Streets Project

The Prospect Road Complete Streets Project in Broward will change the look and feel of Prospect Road from a car-centered roadway to one that serves users of all types and ages. This project begins in the City of Tamarac at Commercial Boulevard, continues through the Cities of Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park, and ends at Dixie Highway in Oakland Park. This Complete Streets project includes several modes of transportation and elements that can greatly improve pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist safety. In addition to safety, this project will improve the pedestrian and bicyclist’s overall experience, create a welcoming street environment, and has the potential to revitalize the communities it serves.

This 2.7 mile project will include minor drainage improvements, better access to transit, upgrades in landscaping using native plants, and upgrades to existing lighting. The project will also change the street in some locations from six travel lanes to four lanes and will accommodate other modes of transportation, including Broward County Transit's Bus Route 11.

The project limits along Prospect Road are from Commercial Boulevard to Dixie Highway.

*Source FDOT work program FM 435925-1

Prospect Road was identified in the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) as a corridor that is ideal for multi-modal improvements. This corridor is considered a main connector between the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, and Tamarac.

The 2035 LRTP, adopted by the Broward MPO Board in December 2009, shifted the Broward MPO’s vision to safely and efficiently move people, rather than cars. This new vision saw 70% of MPO funding dedicated to other modes of transportation, such as bicycle, pedestrian, and transit.

Prospect Road:

Current Conditions

Prospect Road will be reconstructed in two segments: from Commercial Boulevard east to Powerline Road (Segment A) and from Powerline Road east to Dixie Highway (Segment B). The roadway width varies between 100 and 150 feet throughout the project corridor.
Segment A has light industrial, retail, and office areas that border this segment of Prospect Road.
Segment B is mostly bordered by industrial properties with some areas of commercial and retail properties.
Segment A: Prospect Road west of Powerline Road at NW 10th Avenue
Segment B: Prospect Road east of Powerline Road between NE 1st Terrace and NE 5th Avenue
Source: Broward MPO data analysis. Signal Four Analytics 2015-2020 Crash Data

Improvements Coming Soon!

The Prospect Road Complete Streets Project follows the Broward MPO Complete Streets Design Guidelines. This project changes some of the existing travel lanes to provide enhanced multimodal facilities- such as bike lanes and the other features displayed below! When complete, the roadway will have a 35 mile per hour speed limit and will feature bus pads accessible to people with disabilities.

Before proposed improvements: Prospect Road at NE 6th Avenue
After proposed improvements: Prospect Road at NE 6th Avenue
Before proposed improvements: Prospect Road between NE 1st Terrace and NE 5th Avenue
After proposed improvements: Prospect Road between NE 1st Terrace and NE 5th Avenue

Taking Action

Dates subject to change.
Listed below are all of the improvements that will be part of the Prospect Road Complete Streets Project. For more information or details, please contact feedback@browardmpo.org.
  • Continuous 7-foot separated green bicycle lanes in both directions between Powerline Road and North Dixie Highway
  • Construct 5-foot green bicycle lanes in both directions between Commercial Boulevard and Powerline Road
  • High-visibility crosswalk pattern at Commercial Boulevard, Powerline Road, and Dixie Highway
  • Curb extensions with irrigation improvements that repurpose sections adjacent to bike lanes
  • Curb ramp reconstruction for people with disabilities and minor widening where necessary
  • Upgrade existing lighting system with LEDs at select signalized intersections
  • Upgrade signage and curb ramps to current standards
  • Complete road reconstruction, with curb to curb repaving and new striping throughout
  • 10-foot inside lane, 11-foot outside lane to improve sight distance and roadway capacity
  • Add new drainage between Commercial Boulevard and Powerline Road
  • Landscaping improvements similar to those shown throughout the corridor will be installed by each city after roadway construction is finished (Phase 2)

Project Benefits

What’s in it for you?

Complete Streets projects like this one bring many benefits to a community.

Partnerships are Key

Successful Complete Streets projects are possible when partners work together. This project was brought to you by the following partners: