PJ LaMariana EPK 2021

PJ LaMariana is a seasoned jamband artist based in NYC. Having been enthralled with music since childhood, the long-time musician has made a respectable name in the industry as a killer bass guitarist. During his career, PJ has accompanied artists like Merl Saunders, Keller Williams, John Kadlecik, Oteil Burbrigde and many other great musicians.

A music lover at heart, PJ constantly finds himself seeking out live music to enjoy. His love and respect for the art of live performance is a key aspect of his artistic identity. PJ’s music is characterized by a contagious energy, thoughtfully crafted instrumentation, and an authentic relatability only demonstrated by seasoned musicians.

In the last few years, PJ has taken a huge leap into the spotlight; having developed his guitar, vocal, and songwriting skills, this passionate musician found himself itching to bring the melodies that have meandered through his head over the years to life. After a chance reconnection with an old high school friend-turned-producer, the two eagerly combined their talents and jumped into creating music together. Keep a lookout for PJ’s debut single “Cold War” out late 2021.

"Cold War" coming November 1.

Contact: Maria Herrera | maria@evergreenent.com | Evergreen Entertainment