Apple Luis Calderon

Corporate Social responsibility

  • Global Volunteer Program
  • Apple education and development program
  • Energy/Water Consumption
Global Volunteer Program
  • The program will assist employees in organizing and championing charities and events in their local communities.
  • The program will also be a continuation of the long-running Apple employee donation matching program as Apple will match donations made via this new Global Volunteer Program as well.
  • Apple has also informed employees that over $78 million has been raised by the pre-existing charitable donation matching program.
Educating and Empowering Workers
  • Inspire Your Inner Customer with training, support, and communications that create a feedback loop” for improving performance at every level
  • Serve Your External Customer with irresistible brand stores and dedicated salespeople who embody the APPLE five steps of service – Approach, Prove, Present, Listen, End with a fond farewell
  • Set the Stage by ensuring that no element is overlooked in creating an immersive retail environment where customers can see, touch, and learn about your products
Water Consumption
Energy Consumption

Benefits of Apple

  • Employee Discount
  • Health Insurance
  • 401K Plan

As an employee its nice to know when a company appreciates you and offers 15% off to its employees and this allows us as a consumer as well to enjoy the products at a cheaper price.

Something thats critical in the current world is companies providing Health insurance this shows that as long as you are a worker that the company has a concern for your health and for your well-being.

While you work there is only thing you can think about and that is retirement, to show that they want to provide a future for their workers they provide an excellent 401K plan that allows employees to retire earlier than the expected time.


I believe that apple is the company to work for. We all have self interest and want the best for ourselves and apple provides what is needed by providing Health insurance, 401K plans, and even employee discounts but not only does apple take care of you it attempts to take care of the rest of the world by limiting its effect on the planet with low energy and waste usage, allows employees to help the world with the volunteer program and most importantly they believe education is highly valuable and they strive to help their employees become more intelligent.

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