Muse of Intuition Explore, play and discover

3 Month Workshop Series

Three Sundays, from 10am - 3pm PT: November 15, December 13 and January 3

Join Uma Joy and Kelly Bonsall in this 3 part series that activates the connection with your Intuition utilizing Intentional Creativity® with Art Journaling, Painting, and Soul Card Creation.


Kelly Bonsall and Uma Joy are joining together in this fun and expressive journey - bringing together creative art journaling and Intentional Creativity® painting on canvas with an added day of Soul Card making to imagine a Vision for 2021.

Combining years of practice we come together, sharing our passions and gifts to explore these processes with you.

A Journey of Intuitive Art Journaling November 15, 2020

Developing a creative practice with heart centered connection.

Discovery Drawing, a Metacognitive Art Practice

November 15th from 10 am - 3 pm PT, we will gather virtually on Zoom and share a Red Thread Circle of connection and inquiry. Kelly will lead us in Intuitive Art Journaling practices that can be used continually for self-discovery and creative play.

Explore new creative practices that will help you develop mindfulness and artistic technique. Take the time you deserve for your own self-care while connecting with others and learning fun, playful art skills. Learn about Intentional Creativity® which is an approach to art making that brings awareness to the power and magic of paying attention to your inner voice. By working with image, design and language, you create the opportunity to transform yourself and the world around you. You will be creating art for beauty, self-expression, healing, transformation, liberation and as a way to bring more love and light into your life.

Our gathering will begin with an opportunity to share and meet others in our online community, then Kelly will share art journaling practices while you follow along. We will end with reflection and suggestions on how to continue the work on your own.

No previous art experience necessary. This class works for beginners as well as seasoned artists.

Materials list sent upon registration.

An Intuitive Art Journaling page by Kelly Bonsall

Are you ready to create with us? Is your muse craving your attention? Register for 1 workshop or all 3 at the link below.

Creativity awaits!

Your Intuitive Muse December 13, 2020

Uma Joy painting the Muse.

December 13th from 10 am - 3 pm PT, we will again gather virtually on Zoom, open with a Red Thread Circle and Uma Joy will lead us in an Intentional Creativity® process – painting on canvas. For those who were present for the previous workshop we will tie in the Intuitive Journaling processes to develop a deeper connection with our Muse of Intuition. If you weren’t present – no worries – we will still be diving into alignment with our Intuition and come away with a painting that holds the energy of connection and inspiration.

With Intentional Creativity® we continually stay connected with the mysteries and insights we are working with – using inquiry, intention, allowing, discovering and more. Often old stories transform, awareness arises, old wounds heal and so much more.

No previous art experience necessary. This class works for beginners as well as seasoned artists.

Materials List sent upon registration.

Muse Paintings by Kelly Bonsall and Uma Joy

Register by clicking on the button below. We are so excited to create with you.

2021 Vision with Soul Cards January 3, 2021

Soul Cards by Uma Joy

January 3 from 10 am - 3 pm PT, we will have left 2020 behind and have the opportunity to create and deepen our vision for 2021. Tapping into our Intuition, Dreams, and Inner Voice, each participant will create their own Soul Card Deck for the coming year embracing things such as “how you want to FEEL” “what you want to bring forth” and “what is calling you."

Soul Cards by Kelly Bonsall

A fun, playful, yet insightful workshop that is intuitive and holds a sense of freedom.

No previous art experience necessary. This class works for beginners as well as seasoned artists.

Materials List sent upon registration.

Are you listening to your Inner Wisdom? Join us live (yes, please) or watch on your own time. Each session will be recorded so you can repeat as often as you wish.

Are you wanting more creativity in your life? Are you ready for a break from stress in your life especially during these times? Are you feeling the call for deeper connection to your Inner Self? Are you wanting connection with other amazing women in a sacred container?

If you said yes to any of these questions or felt that twinge of knowing and excitement, then this workshop series is for you.

“Intentional Creativity® is a path of accessing the within – the language of the heart.” ~ Shiloh Sophia

There are many things in this world that lead us to believe that we need more love and heart centered actions. When we create, we have the opportunity to deepen our Awareness and Awakening. This increases our ability to feel and experience beauty within and around us as well as enabling us to know and express our truth and joy.

This Intentional Creativity® Series allows a unique blending of different forms of creative processes. All processes are available to all levels of experience. You need no previous art experience – we are all “creatives.” Though you will generally come out with amazing results – the focus is on the process as opposed to the outcome. These sessions will offer gentle guidance as needed or requested as well as encouragement to listen to your Inner Voice.

Each session will include Visualization, Journeying, Inquiry, Journaling and drawing/painting.

"Truth Between the Spaces" by Uma Joy

With this 3 month Workshop Series, you will:

• ACCESS your inner self, wisdom, and creativity

• INCREASE CONNECTION to your Intuition

• CREATE simple powerful drawings that allow you to access deeper information and set up a daily Intuitive Journaling practice if desired

• DISCOVER (or Re-DISCOVER or DEEPEN) the Creative part of you (that sometimes gets hidden at a very early age)

• TRANSFORM old stories into new ones

• DEVELOP and bring forward your personal Vision of 2021

• EXPERIENCE a sense of connection with all parts of you – Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart and Soul as well as connection with others in the circle

The workshops will be recorded for you to watch again or attend at your convenience if you can’t make it live.

Creativity is truly a basic human need and we are all creative beings who thrive when given the opportunity to express ourselves in this way. I hope you will join us in connecting with community and give yourself the gift of time.

Are you ready to deepen your connection to your intuition? To increase your creative practice and create a visual expression of your heart centered feelings?

Join Kelly Bonsall and Uma Joy for this amazing creative journey!

This series is set up for each workshop to be a stand-alone process, though we will take the opportunity to deepen each month by building on the previous times.


Full Series is only $297!

Individual Sessions: $124 each

(Creating Radiant Health Members $104 for individual sessions or $267/series – ask Uma Joy for details if you are interested in this membership)

Can't make it to the live class? A recording will be available after each session.

About Uma Joy:

…Living a life that embodies creating joy and love. Uma Joy is a 2013 Color of Woman Graduate (as offered by Maestra Shiloh Sophia) and has been teaching and sharing Intentional Creativity® since. She has additionally studied with Mandala Master Paul Heussenstamm.

Uma has been a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and healing arts practitioner for 38 years, is mother to 2 and gramma to 1. She recently moved from the Pacific NW (Portland, Or) to Taos, NM. In addition to teaching workshops and offering retreats, Uma is an Intentional Creativity® Life Coach, works with individuals and Corporations and is a member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity®..

“Everything I have done in this life has brought me to this moment. RIGHT NOW! My passion in this life is to share love and increase light in this world. It lights me up to work with women who want to be their full, beautiful SELF. Sometimes, somewhere along the way we can forget who we are, have hidden parts of ourselves, and/or lose our voices. When I see the light return to one’s eyes as they remember their beautiful truth – my heart and soul have the greatest smile and joy within ME - for them - for us ALL! All beings have the need and right to be seen, heard, to KNOW their value and to live in their own strength and power. We all can make our lives the BEST we can make them”.

For any questions, please reach out to Uma:

About Kelly Bonsall:

Inspired by the Beauty that surrounds us and the Beauty that is within us, Kelly Beth Bonsall creates experiences that evoke playfulness and pleasure while also sparking transformation and curiosity. Kelly has been an art educator and creativity guide since 2008, teaching formal art technique and theory while mixing in intuitive creativity and mindfulness practices. Her experience ranges from the middle and high school classroom to paint & wine parties to Intentional Creativity® workshops and beyond, and within this range of approaches, there is always the common thread of loving kindness and joy.

In addition to earning a BA in Arts Education and Studio Art and a Teaching Credential, Kelly has also completed the Color of Woman Teacher Training and is a member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity®

For more information please connect with Kelly.



“There was so much peace joy and laughter. I can hardly wait until the next workshop – This is a beautiful, exciting, and mystical journey.” – DS

I give the workshop a 10. I had hoped it was going to be good and honestly, the location, Uma’s guidance, the group of women and all the tools and paints and set up was amazing and exceeded my hopes. Very grateful to Uma for sharing her talent, insight and spirit. – Pam Alegnani