Japanese Culture Exploration Activity

Scroll Down on this website and follow the directions as you go...

1. Japanese Poetry

1a. What is a Haiku?

1b. Practice Identifying a Haiku.

1c. Write a Haiku about yourself, school or Japan.

1.d (Textbook) Page 352: Define "Anthology" and identify a famous Japanese Anthology.

4. Origami

4.a. What does "Origami" mean?

4.b. Make a bird

4c. Optional activity: Look online and make an animal of your choice.

5. Geisha's in Japan

5.a. Watch this VIDEO and describe the training of a young Geisha. (6 minutes)

5.b. Watch the Geisha Dance festival. (4 minutes)

6. Religion in Medieval Japan

6. a. (Textbook) Describe the early Japanese Shinto religion. (Page 324)

6. b. (Textbook) Page 362-363 Describe Zen Buddhism. How does one reach enlightenment?

Optional: Quietly meditate for 5 minutes

7. Court Life at Heian-Kyo

7. a. (Textbook) Describe the elegant lifestyle the nobles had in the Japanese court (page 350-351).

8. Noh Drama

8. a. (Textbook) Describe Noh Drama. (Page 354-355)

You reached the end!

If you finish the worksheet, please get together with your partner (for the unique Japan project) and complete your research and start planning your presentation.


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