Portfolio Logen McCullough

The objective for this project was to take a hand figure and transform it into a animal. The project material i used was plaster. I pored it into a mold of my hand and once it dried and hardened i went back and added a texture on the back of the hand by dabbing my finger in plaster and then on the hardened hand figure. Then i painted a base coat and then went back and focused on the details.
The project objective given was to use different medias to make one uniform artwork. First i started with a mold and poured plaster into the mold to get the trunk of the tree. I also embedded the wire limbs into the top of the trunk to give it a firm hold. For the roots i used plaster paris to give them a unique and realistic look. I attached the project to a piece of wall-nut to make the piece pop.
The objective for the artwork was to make a still life and draw it using charcoal. For this project i wanted a theme so i stuck with old toys . using a truck that my dad played with when he was little, and wooden blocks that i used to play with when i was little, also incorporated a slinky that is played with by kids from the 1940's to today.

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