Week Two Another great week!

In the mantle story the children met Thomas Farriner, a baker in London in 1666. He was busy baking bread for King Charles ll. The children were eager to help. The bread they made was delicious. King Charles ll was very pleased.

In English, the children have been learning that nouns are names of things we can see and touch.

The children drew and labelled pictures of some nouns for our display

They started writing expanded noun phrases.

The children have also been writing instructions. We followed a set of instructions to learn how to draw a monkey. We then had a go at using time vocabulary to write our own instructions. We had to make sure our instructions were in chronological order. Tricky stuff!

Working hard

We have been learning new spelling patterns, including the suffix ‘ed’ and the soft C (as in ‘twice’) spelling rule.

In maths, the children completed assessments in arithmetic and reasoning. In number work we are looking at addition maths stories written in different ways.

We have begun to explore fractions of shapes in maths. The children understand that two halves make a whole and that four quarters make a whole. They are beginning to recognise the equivalence of two quarters and one half. The learning this week has been very practical. We have been folding, cutting and chopping lots of things into fractions!

Our children in Golden Book for their impressive writing and our Star of the Week, Oliver! He has been absolutely fabulous this week, his hand has been first up on the carpet every time! He has been so enthusiastic and he has mastered some tricky concepts. Well done Oliver!