Barter Theatre PRESENTS - Footloose: The Musical

Recently feature on WJHL, the lineup for the 2017 season and 84th year for Barter Theatre has been announced. Taking place in Abindgon, Virginia at Barter's main theatre (Gilliam Stage), the premier musical, Footloose, will start in mid May and end in early August.

Footloose is an American musical drama film released in 1984 and directed by Herbert Ross based loosely on events that took place in the small, rural community of Elmore City, Oklahoma.

There has never been a question on the quality of shows performed by Barter Theatre. The newest lineup of shows consistent of a challenging array of classic titles. Footloose is the headlining show for the upcoming summers list.

There will be over 50 showings of the classic film drama with tickets starting at $20 however, if you catch the show on its opening day, tickets are only $1 under Barter Theater's "pay what you can" community program.

The original poster from the 1984 release of the film. The poster features the main character Kevin Bacon who is in the act of dancing, one of many in the 1984 movie. The inspiration for the upcoming Barter Theatre production.

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