My Ideal Career - Midwifery By Ellie McManus 10m

Why do I want to do this Job?

I would like to do this job because it's a job I have great passion for and have wanted to do it for quite a while now and also I love working with children and taking care/ looking after my two brothers.

What Qualities do you need to have to be good at this job?

The qualities you need are : an understanding and caring attitude, an ability to get on well with people from different backgrounds, patience and maturity.

What subjects do I need to study for this job?

I need to study at least single award science, English, Religion and LLW.

Where would my location of this job be?

I would do this job in Craigavon because it is closer to me than anywhere els and easier to get there.

What further training or study would I need for this kind of job?

I would need at least 5 A-C GCSE's including English or Science and at least 2 level A's and also biology maybe required by most people.

The positive things about this job?

You are creating new lives for families and you are taking care of the new mother to be during and after birth.

The negatives about this job?

The mother or baby or even both could die during birth and pregnancy and not suitable working hours.

The salary of this job?

The salary of this job can change there are 2 bands; Band5 and Band6. Band5 is for newly qualified midwifes which earn £21,692 and then Band6 is from £21,692 till up to £34,876.

What would I wear to this job?

I would wear something suitable for this job such as a tunic and trousers.

Who can do this job?

Many people assume only females can be midwifes but males can also be them too. The name 'Midwife' acctually means 'with woman'. It refares to one person male/ female looking after a mother to be during pregnancy, labour or birth.

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