The rules:The rules of the game are that, Robot must be autonomous for 30 sec. no blocking doorway to other sides. Blocks must be placed and stay in platforms for points

This is SkyRise a robotics game where competitors compete one on one with other bots in a rectangular shaped playing field. The objective of the game is to pick up blocks with your robot and return them to your side but the hard part is for points your have to set the blocks on elevated platforms with your bot by raising and moving them into squares. To do this teams have to design their bots to be able to lift and move blocks while driving through course.

My strategy for the challenge is to have a claw and a forklift so we can carry over stuff easily and lift things easily for a faster and more efficient run through the course. While having these we may add touch led sensors for their colors and add distance sensors to avoid obstacles during the autonomous period of the game

So far we have rebuilt the clawbot and tried to build a forklift. In our games we have failed to perform well because our left motor moves to slow and I control the bot not that well. But once we have the blocks in our claw we easily can move it into the lower squares but the high space is out of our claws reach. So our plan now is to figure out a way to make a forklift work our lengthen our robots arm so it can reach higher Heights but we will need to make it strong and stable so it dose not break or make it hard to drive. We also plan to use shafts or something to utilize in our autonomous program to knock blocks off the wall.


Our Group had really good success because we won the championship by destroying our opponents bot each match and ripping it apart. It wasn't because of our performance only though but because of our planning and building design that we performed well.

What I learned about myself

Very competitive, hardworking, need to work on problem solving

Need to work on concentration, communication, we designed well together

Our programming skills were pretty good, our controller skills got better and so did focus

If I were to go back and change anything I would change the gear ratio on my bot so that we could move faster and be more explosive on court.


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