The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs By: Cameron Thatcher

King Menes is the founder of the first dynasty and he also found A city by the name of Memphis
The Great Pyramids of Giza were built by both King Sneferu and were finished by his son King Khufu.
Khafre Was like his grandfather and his father his main achievements were construction based he built the famous monument khafre the great.
King Mentuhotep II was the first ruler of the second dynasty(Middle Kingdom) and He built the temple named Thebes and he reunited the Land after the time of confusion.
Ahmose is the founder of the 18th and the ruler of the period known as the New kingdom. and he also ordered his army to extend his kingdom to the second cataract.
Hatsheput is the most famous lady pharaoh. She inherited her throne from her father but in order for her to be a pharaoh she had to marry her brother and steal his throne but she did achieve much like she boosted up the economy of egypt by trading with far lands.
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Cameron Thatcher


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