Hidden Meanings A closer look at 'Lisa Lapinski: DRUNK HAWKING'

Lisa Lapinski's sculptural and two-dimensional work is the result of an investigation of signs, symbols, and their interpretation. Her work brings together a wide array of cultural imagery. Juxtaposing references from popular culture, children's books, and cartoons with religious symbols and graphic forms seen in advertisements, Lapinski creates striking works with many possibilities for interpretation. The exhibition 'Drunk Hawking,' which presents a survey of key works the artist produced over several decades, illuminates central themes in Lapinski's practice and her interest in revisiting and reconsidering her works over time.

Join us in looking closer at the deeper hidden meanings, patterns, and themes in Lapinski’s work.

Does this work remind you of a piece of furniture? How is it similar to or different from furniture you’ve seen before?

What kind of objects would you put inside the empty drawers? Use your imagination.

Many of Lapinski's artworks incorporate wallpaper. Choose one and take a close look. What kinds of places are usually decorated with wallpaper? What is the most interesting wallpaper pattern you’ve ever seen? Why do you think the artist would choose to use wallpaper in her work?
Find an image, pattern, or shape that looks familiar to you in one of the artworks above. What makes it feel familiar? Has the artist changed it in any way to make it feel less recognizable?

Look at these stacks of wallpaper on the gallery floor. This is one of the artist’s earliest works in which she started to spin the meaning of a symbol or object on its head.

How does the artist reuse everyday materials and images to create new meaning? Do you think things take on new meanings when they are rearranged or presented in new ways? Why or why not?

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