4A24 Maggie Palmer

I'm Alexya Palmer. I am coming to America from Paris, France. When we lived in Paris, I was a tour guide at the Eiffel Tower. My family would always come to see me. but I think they mostly came just to see the tower. Especially my younger sister, Lanie. she would always come after school. She didn't come just to see the tower. she came to see me. When she didn't have school, she would spend all day with me. My parents owned a restaurant, "The Palmer Place". I would always come after a long day at work to sit down and eat. They served the best food. We are coming to move to Portsmouth, New Hampshire so my parents can open "The Palmer Place" again. They are getting a lot more costumers out here. I wanted to move here so I could become an artist. The reason I want to become an artist out here is because there are a lot of beautiful sights out here, and there is a lot to inspire me to paint. When my parents saw the Statue of Liberty, they started to cry. Me sister started jumping up and down with her friends that she met on the boat ride to Ellis Island. I just sat there and continued to paint my picture of the Statue of Liberty, watch them cry and jump. I also now have a baby brother named Olli that was born when we were living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. i also now own an art museum called "Alexya's Art Palace". The trip to Ellis island was pretty rough. I didn't make many friends like Lanie. I made one friend named Calli-Rose. I also met her older sister, Shelly. Calli-Rose introduced my to a few of her friends, Rosemary, Tiffany, and Isabella. We all had fun on the trip. But besides them, the trip has horrible. I had to sleep cold on the floor because Lanie hogged our blanket, even though my Mom and Dad said we were supposed to share it. They got there own blanket. I also got sea sick sometimes. Lanie didn't. She was lucky. When I wasn't playing with my friends, I was drawing or painting. I had a lot of fun with my friends. My sister works with my parents at The Palmer Place. She still comes to see me at Alexya's Art Palace. Not as often, though. But she still does sometimes, and I like that. Lanie's friends where Nancy, Suzie, Sam, Jamie, Annie, Gracie, Ella, and Shannon. Sam was Tiffany's sister. Suzie and Jamie where Isabella's sisters. Annie and Gracie where Callie-Rose's other sisters. All of our Moms became really good friends. So did our Dads. It was the best trip ever.

This is a map of France, the French flag, and a picture of the Eiffel Tower.
The statue of liberty was a gift to the U.S.A from France. it was modeled after Libertas. The seven rays on her crown stand of the seven continents and the seven seas. The statue was originally copper colored, and air and water turned it green. 1. I really liked the virtual field trip because I got to learn all about Ellis Island. 2. I also liked when I got to see the big museum type thing in the video. 3. I also got to see a lot of cool pictures in the virtual field trip.

Sources: Ellis Island Interactive Tour, BrainPopJr, and Google Images


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