Facebook Client Groups 101 Creating a community around your brand

Hi everyone!

My name is Tiffany Joyce and I am a Booty Expert! What I mean is I specialize in Boudoir Portraits and the empowering experience that surrounds it! My side business is photographing weddings and couples, but for this guide I want to make sure you understand I work closely with a community of women and this is where my group expertise comes in. In the downtime I barely have, I love reading (Saucy dirty romance novels), pretending I have elves who clean my house at night, and wishing someone would deliver food right to my bed. I am awkward and weird, and unapologetically myself.

In reference to this guide though, I have ran my Boudoir Tribe for 3 years now. I have had my ups and downs, my tears and frustrations, and my amazing wins with my Facebook Group. I have currently around 10.5K people in my group, as well as a monthly engagement that sits around 7.5K. I typically book all of my clients from my group, and its an amazing way to spread that word of mouth!

It did not come easy (the good things never do!) BUT there are some amazing information I wished I had known starting out. In this guide my goals is to explain why you should have a facebook group, how to get one started, how to keep up engagement, and how to really connect with your clients. If you have any questions by the end of the guide please email me at info@boudoirrebels.com and I would be happy to answer anything!

Why should you have a client facebook group?

So you have a facebook page, instagram, pinterest, twitter, snapchat, and every other social media outlet thats offers, so why in the world should you have a facebook group?

This is VERY simple to me. When you have those other social media outlets, you are promoting your work, your brand, etc as a store front. Its like a website, its a business facade. To me it almost creates this barrier. You are on one side, and your clients are on the other side, looking in your windows, seeing what you have going on.

When you have a group, you have a way to personally connect with your fan base. They are now INSIDE your house, chilling out with you. It brings the you in your business out, and interacting with everyone. Imagine it like a constantly going open house. You are always there talking with your clients, building relationships and in turn turning them into dedicated clients.

On a completely technical side, facebook groups are proven to have better visibility then facebook pages, instagram posts etc. What happens is facebook is holding back your organic reach in hopes you will pay for advertising. Facebook so far hasnt really caught on how amazing groups are for businesses, so for now, your organic reach is usually WAY higher then anything you may post on your page.

To sum this up, the reason you should have a group is to have a better organic and personable reach to your fans.

Checklist to starting your Facebook Group

Step 1:

What is your goal for your group?

There is no real right or wrong end goal for your group as long as there is a goal. Think about what you want to accomplish with the group and who you want to target. Whats the purpose of the group?

Do you want to book new clients?

So this is how I run my group. My goal is to use my group as a Facebook page (but better of course). I want to get new faces in my group, who may in turn book with me. I want to connect with these ladies, and let them get to know me. In turn what I posts in my group is geared towards trust building, education on my experiences, sneak peeks and more. This style of group is going to have alot more people in it, and it will require alot more outward advertising for the group.

Do you want to build a relationship with return clients?

So while I do book return clients in my group, my group is open to everyone. If you want to really connect with those who have already worked with you consider creating a group ONLY for your already booked clients. I have a friend who runs a VIP client only group. She uses this group as her way of promoting model calls, specials JUST for her booked clients, and more. This is a great way if you really want to bring in return clients, or work again with clients you already know and trust. This group is going to be smaller, but it is built around your clients (SO you already know who to invite into the group).

Step 2:

Phsyically Create the Group (duh)

So the way I know how to do this is through your personal account, by selecting the option to "Create a Group." You may also be able to create a group through your Facebook page now, but this would be a new feature. Regardless you are now able to link your group with your business page. Why should you do this? You will be able to see insights on your group. Popular times of day, who is most active in your group etc! It also allows you to post as your business page, but I dont recommend this. I find just like posting on your business page, Facebook tends to limit who can see these posts a bit more then if you post personally. Plus the point of the group is to connect one on one with your client base, so being yourself in your group is important!

Make sure you put some thought into creating the group. What is your cover photo going to be? What is your about section going to be? I put alot of thought on this part as its a great way to show off your goals for the group. Make sure you have your business links easy to see in your group so people can still find your business! Below is an example of my about section!

This group is an exclusive group dedicated to helping women love and accept themselves and their femininity. My business promotes empowerment, community, as well as artist expression of sexuality. Within this group you are free to share your highs and lows, ask for advice in life as well as boudoir, and gain knowledge of the life changing boudoir experience that REBEL Intimate Boudoir Studios offers. Past, present, and future clients are here to share their boudoir experiences, as well as as their portraits. Exclusive specials, events, and more will be shared within this group, as well as behind the scenes information and fun extras. REBEL Intimate Boudoir Studios is a Hampton Roads Virginia Studio, I travel often to Fayetteville NC and work there as well. I am also willing to travel to where you are with a small travel fee. Website: www.boudoirrebels.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/rebelboudoir Instagram: www.instagram/rebel_boudoir
Step 3:

Invite People to your group

So this one is fun, "Who do I invite??" Go back to your goal. Are you wanting to reach new clients? Or do you want to reach old clients? Regardless Invite all of your past clients. All of them. You should by this point have their email addresses from their contracts. Utilize a service like mailchimp to mass send out an email. Don't stress about making it look visually pretty, but stress what your wanting from them. Personally I would write something like this "Thanks so much for the support over the years! I truly couldn't have done it with out you! I have something to ask of you now! Would you consider joining my facebook community?! You were such an inspiration and I truly believe my group could benefit from a soul like yours! I would love it if you would invite your friends to join as well!! I really want to get this group going in a direction to help and empower women of all stages!!" If your looking to get new clients, simiply asking them to invite their friends is a great way to generate word of mouth. Advertising your group in other groups, or using your ads manager to promote your groups are both other ways to get people joining!

Step 4:

Post in your group

We will definitely chat more about WHAT to post, but to really be simple about this step, make sure you are bringing your personality into the group. Its hard to step back from your business persona, and step into your personal persona, but for the group to truly be a success you have to remember to let your clients in. This builds that trust they have with you. This builds the desire to work WITH you and not because of your price. This is also how you build a successful word of mouth!

Various Types of Posts

1. Selling Posts: The purpose for these posts are to sell your services to your clients. The suggestion is you want to post 20% of business posting for every 80% other posting. For Selling post this is when you should post a. Information pertaining to the session. B. Cost for the session. C. instructions on how to book your session.

2. Business Related Post: So this is different then selling posts. This gives clients information about your business without trying to get them to buy anything. These are great for explaining how things work, getting hype up for a selling session, or even just showcasing some awesome news

3. Product Posts: Assuming you sell products with your sessions, make sure you are sharing your products with your clients. You dont have to post a salesy post to showcase products you are selling. When you get a studio sample in, when you get a client order in, when you thinking about switching over a new product, or you just need a filler post. This is a way for you to educate your clients before hand.

4. Behind the scenes post: Clients LOVE seeing what goes on behind the scenes. It makes them understand what happens during a session, plus allows them to see the person behind the camera. I personally have even gone live during sessions to show how a session works. You can post fun snaps, hire professional photographers/videographers to create promo materials for you, or you can just have a friend stand behind you while your working!

5. Personal posts: Don't be afraid to be real with your clients. Show off the kids, show off the spouse, show off the single life, show off your pets, your house, your favorite socks. Be fun, be real, and be open. When your clients start learning who you are, they become more invested in hiring a person vs a facebook page. Alot of times we worry about crossing that line between professional and personable, but you will find your mix and your clients will learn from it.

6. Questions: Interaction spikes when you ask a clients opinion about something. I will often time throw up a poll even if I already have an answer, just to boost engagement. Clients in turn also feel like they are apart of the process. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

7. Stupid Facebook Games: These are AMAZING for boosting engagements. So I am going to assume right quick you dont know how facebook works and explain it to you. When you are in a group the more you comment in the group the more likely you are going to get notifications when someone posts in the group. If you dont interact with the group for a while, then you stop getting the notifications. SO in reference to your group, you want to on the regular post these filler posts that really get people commenting. In turn they are more likely to see the posts you want them to see later on. Get them posting their favorite gifs, or memes, or "Using your first and last name tell us your fairy name" posts.

8. Relevant posts: These are blogs, stories, youtube videos, quotes etc that speak to you, your brand, and your group. I LOVE sharing body positive quotes and blogs with my ladies. These dont get alot of interaction but they are meaningful to those who do comment.

9. YOUR WORK: This is important. This group is yours, its your business, its your clients, post your work in it. More then anything else post your work. I use my group to post my sneak peeks. I tag my clients in the photo, and I share a small story. I will post one of my image with most business postings, and sometimes I will add quotes to my images to make motiviation quotes etc. But I make sure very regularly my images are going into my group so those in it can see my work.


1. Decide your groups purpose.

2. Physically create the group

3. Link your group to your business page

4. Bomb Ass About Section.

5. Invite your friends to your group.

6. Invite your clients to your group.

7. Advertise about your group.

8. Begin posting in your group.

My best Tips

1. Schedule the filler stuff. Seriously. Spend 1 hrs every month and schedule a quote, or a blog, or something to go out every 2-3 days. This way you have something going out consistently.

2. As scary as it sounds, go live. At least once a month, if not more, show your clients who you are. Go live to share news, or to have a real talk with them. I often times go live with some topic in mine as it pertains to women, mothers, etc. This is a simple way for your clients to really see you as a person and get to know you.

3. It takes a community to keep it going. I have a handful of really amazing close friends and clients of mine who act as "hype girls" in my groups. When I want to bump engagement I often times ask them to go comment on a post I just made so that it gets more comments, and in turn more likely to be seen by other people. Dont be afraid to reach out!

4. Get a rhythm going with posting. It seriously makes it so easy to keep up with when you know what your doing. I try to post 1 - 3 times a day, at least 7 times a week. My goal is to keep that momentum going. If you lull in facebook posting, your engagement begins to lull too. I find its more important for me to post in my group then on my page, just because of how much more engagement I get. If I do get a lull I will then post more engagement posts, and get my hype girls going to help it get back up again.

5. When you link your business up to your group you get the option to post as your business instead of yourself. DONT. Facebook limits how much business posts are seen and this is included in the groups. I find I have 3x more engagement with my personally posted stuff then when I post under my business.


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