Cellular Respiration By Kelsey Kotts



After going through glycolysis, the cells goes one of two directions. Both in the cytoplasm. If there is Oxygen, they go through Aerobic Respiration. If there is no Oxygen, then the cells go through Anerobic Fermentation. There are two types of Fermentation. The first is Alcoholic, where yeast and other plants ferment into alcohol. Alcoholic Fermentation produces no ATP.

The second type of Fermentation is Lactic Acid. This occurs in animals when they do not have enough oxygen in their bodies. This is why we feel muscles pains. Lactic Acid produces no ATP.

While going through Respiration, in the cell's mitochondria's matrix, they begin the Krebs Cycle. The Krebs cycle makes CO2 and FADH+. It releases NADH+ and another 2 ATP are created. This means the cell now has a total of 4 ATP at this point of respiration.

After the Krebs Cycle, the cell's inner membrane's cristea transfers it's energy on the Electron Transport Chain. In the ETC, molecules of NADH+ and FADH2 are passed through protein channels, until they finally reach the final receptor of oxygen. The electrons and protons of the energy carriers make H2O, the final waste product of cellular respiration. This part of cellular respiration produces 34 ATP and has a waste product of water.

Local Importance: In my own life, I find it much more useful if my cells undergo aerobic respiration while I play sports, this means less muscle pains and easier breathing.

Global Importance: Globally, it is important that cellular respiration exists because without it, no living thing would be able to use energy.


Notes: Cellular Respiration, Glycolysis, and fermentation

The Electron Transport train/Krebs Cycle Notes https://nampa.itslearning.com/ContentArea/ContentArea.aspx?LocationID=423&LocationType=1&ElementID=48398

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