Rhythm and Resistance Shiyana Gordon

Resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. To me, it means to resist society expectations and or stereotype. For example, the better you dress, the cooler you are. How does someone clothing comply with their personality? Resistance can be shown in many ways; through words, actions and visual or performing arts. I wrote my poems to show resistance in stereotype of black men and women and also for people to hear my thoughts and opinions of the world around us.

In my poem ‘’Dirt’’ I talk about how everyone doesn’t appreciate dirt and how everyone walks over it, throw trash on it, and much more. In resistance of what everyone believes, I give facts that backs up the importance of dirt. The lines, ” Without you things wouldn’t be. You’re a gift that keeps giving when given a seed.” shows readers that the seed was the key to life (Fruits, trees, land, etc). It resists the thoughts of people thinking that dirt is useless. After showing it’s importance Dirt realizes that it is important and learns to love itself. I hope readers will realize that no matter what people say, you are and can be who you want to be. In order to truly resist stereotypes and opinions, you must find self love.

I started writing raps when I was 8 years old and poetry when I was 12. I try to relate my poems to real life problems and most of the time, personal experiences. I want readers to be able to relate to the things I write and hopefully inspire them to do better. I don’t consider to have any specific style in my poems. Really I consider it as free writing or whatever that sounds right and makes sense (not that I just slop anything together). Poetry is more of a passion to me and I realized that after writing a few poems from this unit. So I hope you enjoy reading what I wrote!


Oh dirt, how imperfect they think you are.

Blinded by opinions,

Judging you by all your scars.


Oh dirt, they will never understand that

No matter how useless they think you are,

You’ve created things independent-


You see.

Without you

Things wouldn’t be.

You’re a gift that keeps giving

When given a seed.


Oh dirt, don’t cry.

Don’t try to be like the rest

Cause the grass on the other side

Isn’t always real grass


It’s for the best

That you realize your worth

That deep down inside

There’s treasure in you dirt.


They walk on you,

Throw trash on you,


I used to do the same.

Took a while to understand

That it’s bringing you pain.


Oh dirt, I’m sorry

For taking so long,

To realize your worth,

When you were all alone.


I use to think you were useless

Because that’s what everyone else said.

But now when I see you in the mirror

Oh dirt , I smile instead.

These Men

Everyday I walk pass these men.

Nicely dressed, poised and tall.

Everyday I walk pass these men.

That have made me feel so small


These men…….

I have been told weren’t nice.

That I shouldn’t rush past them

And look them in their eyes.


These men….

They have beaten and killed our kind

Just because they are ‘’white’’.

They have gotten away with crime.


These men….

Heartless with a stone stare.

Pale skin, big hands

With silky textured hair


One day I was walking

When suddenly someone called me

It was those men telling me to ‘’Come here’’

But I kept walking.


I made a mistake…

I turned around and looked in their eyes.

I could feel them staring in my soul.

So I ran for my life.


All I heard were gunshots.

Round after round.

Couldn’t do anything but run.

But fell to the ground.


I got up and began walking.

While my lungs were screaming

Couldn’t do anything but walk

As those men walked through me.

I am

I am a man.

I am a woman.


Everyday I am told that I am suppose to be a woman’s handyman.

Everyday I am told that I suppose to be a man’s supporter.


Everyday I am told that I am suppose to be a woman’s strength.

Everyday I am told that I am suppose to be a man’s happiness.


But as time went by, I began to realize what I really want.

But as time went by, I began to realize what I really want.


There’s something about other men that attracts me.

There’s something about other women that attracts me.


That I prefer to being with a man.

That I prefer to being with a woman.


One day….

One day….


I decided to come clean.

I decided to come clean.


I finally built up the courage to tell my friends and family.

I finally built up the courage to tell my friends and family.


They looked at me.

They smiled at me.


And shook their heads and told me it’s just a phase.

And told me they already knew.


They told me that being gay is a sin and that I would go to hell.

They told me that no matter what, they love me for me.


My friends left me and my family kicked me out.

My friends and family supported my decision.


It felt as if a million needles had punctured my soul.

The frog in my throat has finally been released.


Everyone left me stranded me in my own self insecurities.

It felt good to finally be able to show my true colors.


My family, the ones I thought I could depend on…

My family, the ones I knew I could depend on...


They made me want to change myself.

They made me feel like I belong.


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