Festival of Creativity School of Architecture and the Built Environment 20192020

Greetings! and welcome to our first digital End of Year Show!

A year of much change, much energy and lots of fun! This year we ran not only the three architecture programmes, as well as the BA Hons, but also two years of undergraduate Construction Science and Management, MSc Construction Science and Management, and our very first Architectural Science and Technology cohort!

Exploring our world - Extreme environments in first year

Its all in the details - first year History and Theory of Architecture and Design Group Poster project

Fostering friends - second year Foster + intern experience


'Soapbox Studio' - a student-driven initiative which allows for mixing, vertical transfer of ideas, and collegiality.

Our Hong Kong Partners - Visit of the HKDI to Lincoln and group project

Working with the community - the Gainsborough Project

The project, for which we made the model in October, won a place in £33m impact investing experiment. The model was commissioned by the Lincolnshire Community Foundation (LCF) that was submitted yesterday with the bid for a place-based rejuvenation of Gainsborough developed by Sortified, West Lindsey District Council, and many other partners and local groups.

Our client, James Murphy, joint CEO of the Lincolnshire Community Foundation said “The news that Gainsborough is one of the six places to go forward in the Local Access fund development process is as fantastic as it is timely for the town. With positive impact for people, a culture of equity and fairness driving the collaborative work ahead, the next decade in Gainsborough is a truly unique opportunity to tackle long standing issues and injustices here.”

Special thanks to Sofia Coviello for co-organising the workshop and her contribution, Callum Inkster, James Hamilton, Lois Revill, and Julia Dobrowolska for their contributions to model making, and workshop staff for their help.

Thanks to all, who attended the workshop for their time and ideas.

The model has been well received, it even got a ministerial re-tweet (https://twitter.com/Sortified/status/1189948876628877320). It appears in the LCF CEO's tweets here https://twitter.com/soredsojim/status/1189937765238157312 and here https://twitter.com/soredsojim/status/1190208016072753156

Working with the mudders - natural materials workshop

Building on the details - Construction Science and Management and Architectural Science and Technology

People at work: CSM and AST students on tour

And there is still time to have FUN!!! School Society events

And wait for much more next year!!!

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