24 November 2016/23 Cheshvan 5777

Term 4 Week 6

Shabbat Commences 6.48pm/Shabbat Terminates 7.47pm

The Creation Year 1-6 Spectacular

The Year 1-6 Concert evening was a night to remember. Students from Year 1-6 performed to perfection as they sang, danced and narrated each day of the creation in the most spectacular manner. The sound system donated by the P&F surpassed the needs of this production and special effects were the order of the day.

Acknowledgment goes to Debbi Benn, Marcia Fisher, Bonita Muir and Noelene Reynolds for creating a production which raised the bar yet again on performance at Carmel School. Gratitude is extended to both Mrs Wendy Wiklund for the costumes she made single handedly, and the staff members collectively, who each played their individual part to contribute to the overall success of this live performance. “Astonishing” aptly describes what was experienced by all spectators and “pure exhilaration and growth” describes the experience of the students.


Mrs Fisher honoured long serving members of staff Mrs Gillian Pinn (31 years) and Mrs Dianne Saunders (25 years) who announced their retirement this year. Both of these teachers have proved themselves as high level practitioners. It was therefore that they were addressed with sadness at farewelling their talent, but celebration for the promise that the next chapter of their lives held.

We thank Mrs Saunders and Mrs Pinn for the gift of education they gave to so many students at Carmel School.

Grandparents and Special Friends

Grandparents and special friends enjoyed a special performance of the Primary School End of Year Concert on Monday morning.

Shorashim 2017

Year 9 students, together with accompanying teachers, Mr Hall, Mora Shohan, Mrs Katz and Mr Lawrence, receive their Shorashim WIZO t-shirts from WIZO representative Vivienne Levin.

Year 9 Jewish Studies Seminar Day

Mr George, Mrs Paioff, Mr Lawrence and Eli Bernstein speak on a panel entitled “Belief in God”, chaired by Rav Ari, as part of the Year 9 Jewish Studies Seminar Day. Thanks to Rav Ari and Mrs Leeb for arranging this.

Year 9 Cycling

The Year 9 students have been completing a cycling unit this term. They have successfully navigated their way around the streets of Yokine, learning about the road rules and correct traffic procedures to stay safe on the road. They have also completed some endurance work around Yokine Reserve and an off-road cycling session through the bush at Cresswell Reserve. It has been pleasing to see many of the students challenging themselves in an unfamiliar environment, developing new skills and competencies. The confidence of the group has grown and this will serve them well when the travel to Rottnest Island for the annual Year 9 Physical Education Studies Camp.

Australian Maths Competition Awards

Each week there is an Extension Mathematics session coached by Mr. George (Year 3 and 4) and Mrs. George (Year 5 and 6). All of the 30 students involved in this activity entered the Australian Mathematics Competition and from those we achieved a High Distinction and 9 Distinctions. Many of the students were entering this kind of competition for the first time and we would hope that those that narrowly missed a Distinction will achieve one at their next opportunity.


Distinction: Michael Schaffer, Daniel Katz, David Levy, David Golding, Michael Yamen, Taya van den Berg, Asher Raiter, Jacob Kerbel, Saul Kavalsky

High distinction: Annabelle Cowan

Best in school with highest standardised score: Annabelle Cowan

Please view the latest installment of the Teachers Lounge below - Music

Kindy 2017 Orientation

The waiting is nearly over for the Kindies of 2017! The excited pre kindies and their parents spent Monday afternoon at Kindy with Morah Debra and Tess, painting, building, singing and playing. Not long to wait now until they begin their year enjoying all the experiences that Carmel Kindy has to offer.

Year 6 Beach Excursion for Bike Education

After completing several refresher lessons earlier in the term, the Year 6s were very excited about participating in their final ride for the term. Last Thursday/Friday they duly made the pilgrimage to the beach on the bus with trailer and bikes in tow. The first leg of the journey entailed a 12km cycle north from Trigg with a welcome layover for lunch at Mullaloo. A 5km return to Hillaries into a strong head wind, which tested the resolve of some, completed the day. The ride was completed without any major tangles and all would agree it was a wonderful experience along what is possibly one one the most picturesque stretches of coast in the city. My thanks to the teachers and parents that accompanied the group. Your assistance and support is much appreciated.

P&F New Leadership and Carpark Raffle

Laura Golding was thanked by Mrs Fisher for serving as P&F President for four and a half years. Carmel School appreciates the commitment of Laura and her P&F team to raise friends and funds and constantly improve student facility and resources. Natalie Blank and Evana Jacobson were welcomed as the incoming co-presidents and the P&F carpark recipients were announced.


Rael Raiter

Margot Cohen


Primary Library News

Merav of Year 5.2 kindly donated an exciting recipe book Kosher by Design by Susie Fishbein to our library. Thank you Merav!

Dorot Carmel Jareth Jawno volunteers for Magen David Adom in Israel

Off to a great start I was told I was going to be picked up for my first shift which started at 7am. I was told to call half an hour before my shift starts to arrange a meeting point. Having called and not getting through I called again and I am told there are no ambulances and I must call back at 7am. We were told to be on shift 15 minutes before it starts so this was already not a good start to my first day.

There I am, sitting in my apartment all dressed in my uniform trying to decide what to do to get there for 6:45. I could walk, but I would be late. I could run, but I would be sweaty (and with the way I run most probably late). Or I could taxi, but then I would miss the 15 minute deadline. I decide to wait and call back at 7. After finally getting through I am told an ambulance is on its way so I walk downstairs to wait. 7:20 my ambulance shows up and we are off.

We go to the station, check the ambulance and then receive our first call. We rush to the scene of a car accident. However on first appearance it seems that we are not needed. I was half right. After being told to stay in the ambulance the driver gets out, walks to the scene and within five minutes the driver returns and we are on our way to the next call. On the way to the hospital with the next call I was asked to take the blood pressure and pulse which proved to be far harder than I could have imagined. Not only was I used to taking these in optimal conditions (stationary patient and sleeves rolled up), we were used to speaking English. After multiple attempts to take the blood pressure I somewhat confidently told the medic the reading and then failed to take a pulse.

Now I know this sounds like MDA doesn't prepare you well but that couldn't be further from the truth. As the day progresses the stress of being on the ambulance disappeared and all of the lessons we learned came rushing back to me. Truth be told by the end of the shift I felt like I had been doing this all my life and was ready to take on another day.

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